Journey into the healing world of Silence

Greetings of peace!

Do you need to forgive someone? Or to let go of anything? Or simply wish to experience peace of mind?
Then… join the Journey Into the Healing Power of Silence: Holy Week Retreat.

This retreat is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in this lifetime.
Sustained by silence, this is a retreat of courageous and loving inquiry into what is ready to be let go of and healed,
enabling you to walk more lightly and freely into the future. Silence heals and like a mirror, in it, everything becomes clear.

This retreat includes sessions on healing the self and relationships through silence, but with guided directions,
sessions on understanding the self, meditation, journal-writing, creative activities and sharing with like-minded individuals.
Check-in time is between 3-4pm of Thursday, session begins at 4:30PM.
Register online: [

I want you to experience the magic of silence and how it helps strengthen your being.

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How to Cure a Chakra Imbalance

The big question is that why do I always end up taking great risks in order to find TRUE HAPPINESS and not bothering to be concerned about the outcome.

It seems like I’m always finding myself in these situations where I search, dig and explore for that one thing but I’ve got no idea what that thing is. I’m a blind nomad finding myself a permanent home (at least that’s how it felt all through the years). The funny thing is, I can’t control this chakra imbalance (I don’t call it depression. It sounds like a deadly word to me so I guess this term is more positive sounding.)
These whirlwind of emotions that stubbornly sits inside my being can be very destructive if I don’t treat them as soon as possible. Good thing is that I have a guru in India (I met her through a friend who practice TM) who I can always reach through Skype or email and ask for help. She’s my personal Psychiatrist and has always been very supportive and helpful.
She asked me what I have been doing these past few months. My activities, my current job, what’s going on in my family. I laid it all out to her so she can analyze everything using Pyschoanalysis and Hypnosis.Here’s how she came up with  solutions to cure my chakra imbalance.


A few of which I am willing to share are these:

  1. Increased meditation time (I only meditate for 15 minutes lately so she said to increase it for an hour if possible.)
  2. Read more positive self help books.
  3. Spend less time in social media and only log in to these platforms if it’s necessary, like if I have to advertise something in relation to my blogging activities. She also said not to read the newsfeed too much because it can trigger something negative in our brain neurons and can cause a big pull to our positivity levels causing it to drop.
  4. Nourish the soul at least once a week (what she meant by this is to pray or talk to our Higher Being.)
  5. Spend time with nature.
  6. Reunite with your yoga mat (a few Hatha yoga exercises can help strengthen our root chakra. )
  7. Look for a job that you enjoy.

I also admitted to her that I have been eating meat since the last time I seek for her advise. She says that I shouldn’t worry too much about going back to being vegetarian. I can do this gradually, just like what I did three years ago.

I feel so much better after talking to her that I felt a momentary calm.  It gave me another reason to be inspired all over again. Sometimes, all it takes is to find someone in your wavelength who you can always  talk to.

Carrying that spark of inspiration with me,  I browsed my shelves for a good book to read and I came up with a book by Irving Jacobsen called “The Power of your Mind”

The Power of your Mind


The book tells us about how our brain is a big sleeping giant that we can always awaken. We can make the big breakthrough in expanding  our mental powers by activating the sleeping portions of our mind with the help of a few techniques like:

  • How to increase mind control
  • Learning the Introspective Analysis Take-off
  • Learning Thought Exchange
  • Conquering Thought Traps
  • Workshop for proper reasoning.
  • What we can do to attain better Insight

I swear that from now on, I will always carry  a notebook with me and jot down all thoughts that swims in my mind. If ever I’m confused with something or If I’m having trouble with decision making, it helps to practice Thought Analysis by listing all the pros and cons of each decision. You may narrow it down to 2 decisions at first so it won’t be confusing (that is if you have multiple decisions nagging at your brain) then follow the one that can give you more benefit.and success and happiness rather than temporary happiness mixed with failure.

It also helps learning how to strengthen your 7 chakras. You’ll be surprised how magical it can be to your being. This book gave me a whole new knowledge about how our mind works. The powerful techniques here requires great effort, willpower. and consistency. Solutions to each problem may vary to individuals, depending on their background, beliefs, principles, personalities and training.  I hope somehow, I gave you a better understanding of how we can deal with the ups and downs of life. So my tip for you is, next time you feel crappy, just think that you are only having what we call a Chakra Imbalance, never ever call it depression. It always helps to turn a negative term into a more positive one. Like what I  saw on a post through Instagram

Instagram Quotes

Makes  a lot of sense right?


Om Shanti.


Receiving Qrak Power

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to these past few months. I was busy with a lot of things. There’s work, attending to my kids, and then there’s studying.

Yes. I am on a self study, now learning something new and interesting. The past few years have been a challenge and a road full of obstacles. I had to fight my way just to survive the battles of life. The absence of blogging is one indication that I’ve been very serious dealing with family and work stuff. As you may know, I stopped going to Tagaytay for my Brahma Kumaris meditation and Raja Yoga studies. I got sidetracked, reacted easily with the negative surroundings and fallen prey to it.

I have been seeing myself through the wrong end of the telescope. It’s time to start changing the patterns of my thoughts.

Last week was a wake up call.

All because of the help of these old books.

The Modern Palmist

Al Koran’s Bring out the magic in your Mind

You see, I always believe that everything happens for a reason. I knew that fate is what led me to those old books.  My cousin invited me to their house and my intention was just to check out the place and catch up with my relatives. Now while we were on our way to her place, she mentioned something about her having a lot of old books which was owned by the previous deceased owner. She said that maybe I may want to check them out and bring some if I wish. My silly old self got so excited and couldn’t wait to check all of them out. Upon arriving at her place, I was so amazed at how much books they have! The great part is that most of the books were related to yoga, meditation, clairvoyance, opening one’s third eye and some Parapsychology related stuff. These were the books I grabbed from those old bookshelves.

Since then, I busied myself reading and  studying these books. I even consulted a paranormal expert whenever I stumbled upon an unfamiliar word or phrase or term.

Discovering QRAK Power

Reiki Qrak

Through these magical books I became hungry for more knowledge on how to get motivated using your mind, paranormal, Parapschology, the Universe, the spirit realm and other things which the naked eye cannot see and feel, and because curiosity is one of my dominant quality, I got interested in this thing called Qrak Cultivation Power.

It’s hard to explain what really is a QRAK Cultivation but to simplify things, it is simply awakening your Chakra or Kundalini. Opening your Third Eye, discovering your potential healing powers and other psychic abilities which all of us have.

I finally got the Distance Attunement just last night and the experience was so powerful and unbelievable!

What is a Distance Attunement you ask?

It is what you call receiving the flow of energy given by Q-RAK Grand Masters from a distance or remotely. It’s merely channeling energy to it’s students. During the attunement, you can seat, relax, close your eyes and intent to receive the Q-RAK attunement completely and perfectly and feel the process. In my case, I felt a tingling sensation on my forehead (between my eyebrows), felt it along my spine, the nape of my neck, my legs, and even my arms. Practically my whole body is feeling the energy flow. At first I felt really weird because this is my first time and I can’t believe how true this is. The attunement is about 20 – 30 minutes.

Here are the benefits you’ll get after receiving the Level 1 Attunement:

  • Self purification/purification cultivation/spiritual evolution
  • Health
  •  Abundance
  •  Intelligence
  •  Third eye and conscience abilities
  • Awakening of the Kundalini
  •  High level yoga meditation
Who can learn QRAK Cultivation?
QRAK Cultivation is not a religion and does not come from any religion; it is merely spiritual
technique for self purification. Anyone from any ages can learn and practice QRAK Cultivation;
toddler, teenager, adult and seniors.
How to obtain the ability of Q-RAK Cultivation?
Merely 20 minutes attunement process given by Q-RAK Cultivation master, then the ability of
QRAK Cultivation can be obtained perfectly and completely.The attunement process can be given at the workshop of QRAK Cultivation directly as well as distantly.
How to practice QRAK Cultivation?
1. Improve kundalini by reading kundalini affirmation on daily basis
2. Exterminate self viciousness and negative aura
3. Carry out self control for being positive at all time; avoid negative actions/habits, which will cause leaking of kundalini. If happened that kundalini is leaking, the miracles of QRAK Cultivation will be obstructed

There are affirmations associated with it. As long as you say the affirmations on a daily basis, you will definitely feel it’s benefits.

Some terms are quite unfamiliar. But the main point is this, QRAK is just like Reiki, which involves channeling energy from an experienced master to another person and activating your Kundalini. I have read a lot of articles about healing and the fact is, all of us have healing capabilities. We just need to know how to use it. Healing applies to all kinds of illness, mentally, spiritually and physically. Have you ever had a break up with someone and then after a few months time, you managed to get over it and move on? that is also simply a form of healing without you realizing that you performed it. You had faith with your own self that you can move on and heal the wounds of a broken heart. Simple as that. Healing requires a strong faith. You cannot heal a person if the patient does not want to be cured.

I am still on a long journey to self discovery. Consistent learning and a strong will to fight negativism is one of the key to attaining mastery of this art.

If  you wish to know more about my experience and if you want to experience it for yourself as well, just send me an email and I will give you all the details.

With Love and Light,

Om Shanti.

An Interesting chat with Acupuncturist Dr. Philip Nino Tan Gatue

The thing I love about blogging is you get to meet a lot of interesting people, Remember when I did a feature of these group of Paranormal Investigators? I had the most memorable experience and learned a lot from them about paranormal occurrences and the types of haunting.

This time, I get to meet one of the best known Acupuncturist in the Philippines Dr.Philip Nino Tan Gatue.

Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue, is one of the leading experts ins Traditional Medicine and Chinese Medicine here in the Philippines. He’s also a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of The Philippines College of Medicine and is Director of Acupuncture Services at The Medical City. After graduating  from the Integrated Liberal Arts and Medicine (INTARMED) Program of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, Doc Philip (as he is fondly called) took an interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He has travelled to China and the US in search for training and knowledge. -

We talked about the basic knowledge and benefits of Acupuncture and it’s origins. He gave us some insights on his own experiences dealing with patients who have seek treatments from him. It’s interesting to know that it’s one of the best known alternative medicine that actually provides therapeutic benefits. A lot of patients who are  undergoing Chemotherapy often consults him since most of these patients suffer from nausea caused by the painful procedure of the chemo. Acupuncture also helps cure sleeping disorders and migraines, which, I am currently suffering in.

When you hear the word Acupuncture, your instant thought is pain and needles. Just looking at a person with a lot of needles poking out from his/her body is morbid and scary. With an open mind and broader knowledge of it, you will get to understand about the benefits behind it.

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Attain a healthy mind through meditation

As the years go by and we mature, our mind continues to grow and change as well,  whether it’s to a positive or negative state. Most of us have cluttered minds because we tend to pile up all the unnecessary thoughts that we insist on storing in our brains. Our mind lose it’s capacity to retain and think clearly—which is associated with aging. That happens coz certain parts of our brain shrink, resulting to having disorganized thoughts, being forgetful, being impulsive, and most of the time, not thinking rationally.


My meditation teacher often tells me that having a healthy mind requires discipline and focus. It involves a change to a healthy lifestyle. When we say healthy in a yogi perspective, it means a mind that is always at peace, a mind that can tolerate difficult situations, a mind that is smart to make decisions, and a mind that is fully happy and content.

the thing with us people is that we think too deep and we analyze too much, making certain situations more complicated. Also there’s the EGO that keeps on hindering us from being at peace with ourselves. EGO is our worst enemy. We all battle with it.

When we are not at peace, it’s more likely we attract negative thoughts and can cause a lot of destruction in our pattern of thinking.

Whenever I am at the peak of losing faith in myself, or whenever I feel like going into the pit of depression, I just breathe deeply and close my eyes. I try to avoid the people I could possibly hurt, whether verbally or physically, and tell them to leave me alone first because I have to deal with myself for a few minutes. And then after which, I relax my body and mind, settle myself into physical stillness, and meditate. Clearing of the mind can help deal with problems. After a few minutes of meditation, I can easily face the problem or situation with a clear picture of what really happened, and of how to solve it. Trust me, it really works.

So for me, the easiest way on achieving a healthy mind (aside from taking vitamin B) is meditation.

Meditation is not complicated. It is not hard to practice. Actually, we have been doing informal meditation without knowing it. It’s like when we sometimes space out and think of random thoughts. Or when we are eating, we usually concentrate on the food and savoring the taste. We focus solely on how delicious the food is. When we are at the beach, we sometimes close our eyes and just feel the breeze and breathe and smile, basking in the warm sunlight and just relaxing. That, my dear, is also a form of informal meditation.

Now some people would say “I don’t have time for that. I’m too busy with work and my kids. I don’t even have time to fix myself anymore.” or ” I don’t have to meditate because my life is doing good. I don’t have problems and I’m not stressed.” or the worst responses I get from other people are “I’m not weird. I don’t wanna chant OM and close my eyes and look stupid!” and the funniest I got is “Do you float when you meditate? ” and then the person would laugh really loud.

Sadly, it just shows how not enough people knows about what meditation is all about. What benefit it gives, and the purpose of it.

In simpler terms, meditating is the act or process of spending time in quiet thought. That’s it. You don’t have to dig deeper and think about absurd thoughts. When you practice it regularly, your mind become more powerful, you gain more insights, you think more clearly, and you can become more intelligent! Just to share with you, I suck in writing before (not that I’m perfect and don’t commit mistakes now) but my writing and my vocabulary has improved. Also, I have an anger management problem, like the type of anger wherein I would yell at you and would hit or slap you in the face If I get blown out of proportion like that. I curse a lot too and I love manipulating people just to get what I want. But since I started studying meditation and took up the positive thinking course, my attitude became more tolerable now.

So, let me share you just the basic steps on how to meditate, regardless of your busy schedule.

From Yoga Journal:


Stand more firmly on your feet, or sit and settle into your buttocks and hips. Breathe deeply.


Soften your facial muscles (forehead, eyes, mouth,lips, tongue) Breathe deeply.


Free your hands and rest them on your sides or place them quietly on your lap. Breathe deeply.


Focus with your breathing. Notice how you fade to the present with yourself, slowing down and observing. You are now engaging in the first steps of meditation. As you deepen your practice, you can easily clear the clutter in your mind and enjoy the benefit it gives.

Back with the Asanas

Been a while since I did the Moon and Sun Salutations here at home. My consistent practice involves basic Hatha Yoga every morning, along with my Raja Yoga meditation. Have I told you I gave up being a vegetarian for the meantime? Because my doctor said that I have a protein deficiency and I need all the nutrition I can get from meat, aside from veggies. My intake of vegetables aren’t enough to sustain my health. 


I decided to  read my Yoga Journals to refresh my mind on how to do the Moon and Sun Salutations once more. These magazines have been collecting dust for such a long time that I have to retrieve them from the pile of magazines stored in our room upstairs. I miss doing the featured postures and I also miss reading the articles. 

My bones are aching lately and I don’t know what’s causing it. It may have been due to this chair I’m sitting on, or maybe I’m really getting old. I think I also need more calcium as well and give my bones all the tender loving it needs. This really calls for an extreme workout session through yoga, or maybe I should consider enrolling in a Krav Maga class? or perhaps Planaforma? 

You may be wondering what Moon and Sun Salutations are. Here’s a quick description of what we usually do when we perform the Moon and Sun Salutations.

Moon Salutations:


Photo credit 

Moon Salutations are like Yin. It’s a meditative and very cooling practice. We do this during the evening, when you have breathed all the stress of the day. This is perfect for relaxation of the body and mind. 

Sun Salutations:

This is often done during the mornings when you start your day. This is to help awaken our body and senses. The physical poses builds us more stamina, energy and breathing techniques. It symbolizes an offering to the Sun and embracing all the energy it gives , showering our body with all it’s strengths so we can face the day with purpose and a bright positive mindset. 


Photo credit 

I will definitely start these Asanas starting next month. I can feel different aches in my body already and this could be a sign that I have to pay attention to my health more.


Cheryl aka Anoushka

That struggle in finding your spiritual path

The fact that I have been practicing yoga and meditation for almost two years still doesn’t help my restless mind sometimes. I still have this weird pull from whatever cosmic science of energy towards negativity, ike I’m being dragged away from the light, trying to hold on to a rope and making me drown into the pit of depression. Until now, I have to admit I’m still struggling to meditate without the accompaniment of music. My mind is like this hyper kid who can’t sit still in a room, always running around and restless. I know that it’s a known fact it may take years and years of extensive practice to develop the ability of my mind to attain Nirvana — a peaceful state of mind that is free from anger and mental suffering.

I am currently experimenting different ways and methods of meditation. I did the Osho way of meditating, where you just go into hypnagogic state — a deep meditation state between sleeping and dreaming. You lie in your bed with your arms bended at the elbows forming a 90 degree angle with your torso. When I do this method, I mostly often fell asleep. It’s pretty challenging and I think this should be done with a meditation teacher so someone can shake you off when you’re about to fall asleep. Sometime even worse, if you get too deep into the meditation, it can also possibly lead to not waking up. I only did this once and it’s pretty scary, like an out-of-body experience. The benefits of this is deep relaxation, clarity of thought, stress relief and new insights.

There’s the Brahma way, which I often practice every morning. You stare at a point of light with your eyes open,completely thinking about positive thoughts, and creating awareness of Being as a soul.

Also, my friend introduced me to Hare Krishna. The way they meditate is with the use of a japa mala and chanting. I’m also doing this in alteration with the Brahma method. If I want to be happy, as the monks or yogis at Hare Krishna often say, just chant the Hare Krishna maha mantra. I also found out you can chant this in a form of singing and they even have different tunes, which makes it even more fun!

My craving for self discovery forces me to try to want to learn other teachings. With my innate curiosity being my dominant quality,  I have this need to sense a kind of spiritual miracle on my being.

Does it sound like I’m asking too much on meditation? I guess you may say so. It’s like I’m expecting some kind of magic or miracle while performing this rituals during mornings. I just can’t seem to stop this craving for spiritual knowledge. I have been playing with my stars for quite sometime already, and trying to  respond to it with an open heart. On a Brahma Kumaris way of teaching, all people in this material world are actors, playing a certain role on each drama assigned to us.

What I’m getting at is this, this spiritual journey is starting to get really exhausting. I deeply pray to all the gods that I may find the spiritual path that’s right for me. I want an understanding of the whole universe.

Or perhaps, my mind is becoming a jumble of confusion from all these teachings and beliefs. But then again, I am the type who doesn’t have a permanent religion. I have this desire for soul nourishment, and settling on one religion is not enough for I have this weird craving to know more.

I guess, I just won’t stop looking.


This is gonna be one long and challenging journey.


Pray for me, my dear reader.