It’s been a while. I\m back in my original blog. I’ve been MIA for a few months and I even lost my own domain because of a lot of crappy things that happened in my life and have neglected almost everything around me. I have several realizations  lately and I’m itching to put this in writing. I have jotted down my thoughts on paper but I guess the ink has run out and I missed typing my thoughts away. I wouldn’t go too deep but to let you in on what’s been going on in my life, I just went through a devastating breakup. I don’t want you to pity me because in fact, I felt relief. My initial reaction to this life event was anger, betrayal and regrets. But as the days pass by, I came to realize that I have come to love being single. It’s such a new world for me. Reconnecting with myself once more, I have all of these ideas and plans swimming in my head that I felt overwhelmed. I wanted to execute all these plans and start coming up with ways to be truly happy, without needing someone in my life and just rely on myself.

I am now on the healing process.  For most of my time whenever I’m alone, I can’t help but cry. Memories just keeps coming back and haunting me, both good and bad. Then after a while,  I’ll be calm. It seems really out of proportion but I am grateful that I’m not the type who wallow in her own misery. I’m learning to deal with all these emotions and keeping my shit together with the help of my family, friends and my reliable self help books. I don’t want to live and become an angry and bitter person. There’s more to life than having a relationship. If ever I’ll be ready to form a new one, I’ll make sure it would be someone worth it. Someone who will understand everything about me and would love me unconditionally, flaws and all.

I am happy to say I am moving on. I started spending my time with my family, especially my kids. This is the part where I love the most. They’re more closer to me than ever.




How about you? How do you deal with a breakup? Care to share your thoughts?

How to Cure a Chakra Imbalance

The big question is that why do I always end up taking great risks in order to find TRUE HAPPINESS and not bothering to be concerned about the outcome.

It seems like I’m always finding myself in these situations where I search, dig and explore for that one thing but I’ve got no idea what that thing is. I’m a blind nomad finding myself a permanent home (at least that’s how it felt all through the years). The funny thing is, I can’t control this chakra imbalance (I don’t call it depression. It sounds like a deadly word to me so I guess this term is more positive sounding.)
These whirlwind of emotions that stubbornly sits inside my being can be very destructive if I don’t treat them as soon as possible. Good thing is that I have a guru in India (I met her through a friend who practice TM) who I can always reach through Skype or email and ask for help. She’s my personal Psychiatrist and has always been very supportive and helpful.
She asked me what I have been doing these past few months. My activities, my current job, what’s going on in my family. I laid it all out to her so she can analyze everything using Pyschoanalysis and Hypnosis.Here’s how she came up with  solutions to cure my chakra imbalance.


A few of which I am willing to share are these:

  1. Increased meditation time (I only meditate for 15 minutes lately so she said to increase it for an hour if possible.)
  2. Read more positive self help books.
  3. Spend less time in social media and only log in to these platforms if it’s necessary, like if I have to advertise something in relation to my blogging activities. She also said not to read the newsfeed too much because it can trigger something negative in our brain neurons and can cause a big pull to our positivity levels causing it to drop.
  4. Nourish the soul at least once a week (what she meant by this is to pray or talk to our Higher Being.)
  5. Spend time with nature.
  6. Reunite with your yoga mat (a few Hatha yoga exercises can help strengthen our root chakra. )
  7. Look for a job that you enjoy.

I also admitted to her that I have been eating meat since the last time I seek for her advise. She says that I shouldn’t worry too much about going back to being vegetarian. I can do this gradually, just like what I did three years ago.

I feel so much better after talking to her that I felt a momentary calm.  It gave me another reason to be inspired all over again. Sometimes, all it takes is to find someone in your wavelength who you can always  talk to.

Carrying that spark of inspiration with me,  I browsed my shelves for a good book to read and I came up with a book by Irving Jacobsen called “The Power of your Mind”

The Power of your Mind


The book tells us about how our brain is a big sleeping giant that we can always awaken. We can make the big breakthrough in expanding  our mental powers by activating the sleeping portions of our mind with the help of a few techniques like:

  • How to increase mind control
  • Learning the Introspective Analysis Take-off
  • Learning Thought Exchange
  • Conquering Thought Traps
  • Workshop for proper reasoning.
  • What we can do to attain better Insight

I swear that from now on, I will always carry  a notebook with me and jot down all thoughts that swims in my mind. If ever I’m confused with something or If I’m having trouble with decision making, it helps to practice Thought Analysis by listing all the pros and cons of each decision. You may narrow it down to 2 decisions at first so it won’t be confusing (that is if you have multiple decisions nagging at your brain) then follow the one that can give you more benefit.and success and happiness rather than temporary happiness mixed with failure.

It also helps learning how to strengthen your 7 chakras. You’ll be surprised how magical it can be to your being. This book gave me a whole new knowledge about how our mind works. The powerful techniques here requires great effort, willpower. and consistency. Solutions to each problem may vary to individuals, depending on their background, beliefs, principles, personalities and training.  I hope somehow, I gave you a better understanding of how we can deal with the ups and downs of life. So my tip for you is, next time you feel crappy, just think that you are only having what we call a Chakra Imbalance, never ever call it depression. It always helps to turn a negative term into a more positive one. Like what I  saw on a post through Instagram

Instagram Quotes

Makes  a lot of sense right?


Om Shanti.


What Happened to Ayala Triangle Gardens?

It’s been a few months since I’ve ;last seen Ayala Avenue. Last time I’ve been there was when we had breakfast at Banapple at Ayala Triangle. Ayala Triangle is still the same back then. Nice looking gardens with  pathways and a few restaurants and cafes.  I miss working in Ayala so much, mainly because the location is very convenient for a commuter like me. Plus it’s always accessible to almost everything. I remembered when I was still working there I can always go to Bikram Yoga before work. then Bikram yoga again after shift (because Bikram Yoga is located in Salcedo, just at the back of RCBC, which is our office building). And if I feel like having a cup of coffee with a  few friends we can always go to the nearest coffee shop coz  everywhere you look, there’s one.

To my surprise though, I saw a photo from Facebook that The Ayala triangle Gardens now looked like this

Ayala Triangle

The north part of Ayala Triangle is being developed by Ayala Land to make way for a new office tower, the 5-star Mandarin Hotel, a retail podium, six-level basement parking, and civic spaces that will expand the gardens and enhance public experience. The plan sounds really brilliant and promising. But to be honest, I can’t help but feel saddened by this new development. It looks really depressing if you get to see this in person. This is the only remaining patch of green you’d see in that place. It’s suffocating enough to be surrounded by tall buildings and Ayala Triangle Gardens contribute a lot of help with our environment, making it tolerable to live in the city knowing there’s still a bit of green somewhere. I can now envision the future of Makati. I see a very futuristic city with only tall buildings, and more tall buildings. You want something green? then they would probably put a flower pot or a mini garden somewhere on their rooftop.

Well, on a brighter note,  let’s just wait for the development to progress, and maybe who knows, we get to love the new Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Here’s a statement from an article posted on Facebook by Ayala Land:

“The northern tip of Ayala Triangle Gardens, at the corner of Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas, is being developed to make way for a new office tower, the 5-star Mandarin Hotel, a retail podium, six-level basement parking, and civic spaces that will expand the gardens and enhance public experience. Development is expected to be completed in 2020. By then, Ayala Triangle Gardens will have an additional 2,500 sqm of greenery and 60% of open space for the public to use and enjoy.

To ensure careful management of the existing landscape, Ayala Land is working with Joseph Server and Associates’ team of full-time foresters and horticulturists dedicated to tree care. All 71 affected trees have been replanted, 60% of which remain in the Gardens and 40% are in Circuit Makati.

Much of the seven-hectare Gardens, including the restaurant row, continues to be open to the public. With this redevelopment, Ayala Land promises new gathering places for the enjoyment of office workers, visitors, and families living in the city, in support of its vision to “enhance land and enrich lives for more people.”

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens

all photos from Ayala Land 

What’s your 2 cents on this? A big Sigh.

A Deep and Emotional Book: South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami

If only I can be transported forever into the world of poignant memories, of dreams and faraway places, and somehow stay cocooned within this deep emotions that always seem to linger through silence. Haruki Murakami’s books always gives that effect on me. His novels makes me crave for solace, and with the perfect rainy atmosphere, I can always easily drift into his world and allow my thoughts to wander back into  war settings, romantic walks, first love affairs and moonlight strolls while holding hands.

South of The Border, West of the Sun

South of the Border, West of the Sun is one of my favorites next to Norwegian Wood. The heart wrenching emotional plot keeps me up till the wee hours of the morning. I am mad at Hajime for being so selfish and in love with him at the same time. There’s always something magical about first loves.That  even after 25 years, that love is still burning  I have never experienced a love like that, willing to give up his own family, wife and children, just to be with that person. I sometimes curse Shimamoto for reappearing into Hajime’s life. I always believed that men stray for a reason, and as long as you keep their eyes blindfolded from evil temptation, they would stay beside you. But if that evil temptation is very persistent and would do everything to take off that blindfold   then start getting scared.  

If you are in a relationship with a complex person, you always have to consider the risks.. You have to embrace everything,  emotional baggage and all. You would know if a person truly loves you if he accepts everything about you. Your shortcomings, your mood swings,, your selfishness, your childish rants. There’s always no rhyme or reason, you just love the person. Hajime holds that love for Shimamoto. She’s  very deep and hard to understand. Maybe because she had a bad leg and wraps herself in a protective shell and always creating a wall around her

This book moved me so much that I felt really affected by it. It’s a strong indication that he is a brilliant author that his readers are becoming so involved with his stories. He’s got the ability to be profound about facts and fantasy, always leaning towards surrealism,  Too complicated to analyze. I have learned to savor each word and sentences to truly feel the message and connect with the protagonist.

One thing I can say about this book. It is explosively brilliant.


Growing up in the suburbs of post-war Japan, it seemed to Hajime that everyone but him had brothers and sisters. His sole companion was Shimamoto, also an only child. Together they spent long afternoons listening to her father’s record collection. But when his family moved away, the two lost touch. Now Hajime is in his thirties. After a decade of drifting he has found happiness with his loving wife and two daughters, and success running a jazz bar. Then Shimamoto reappears. She is beautiful, intense, enveloped in mystery. Hajime is catapulted into the past, putting at risk all he has in the present.







10 Reasons Why I love EDSA


Everyday is a waking agony and I always have this feeling of dread that I might be late again for work. People here in the Philippines are all cursing this road called EDSA. It’s chaos out there I tell you. If you happen to linger on Social Media during mornings  you’d see hate post about how unbelievable the traffic is and how they wish they can just burn all those vehicles to dust.


Believe me. I do wish the road will just disappear into thin air.

But then I realized, why am I   always complaining. Can I be more positive and  try to love it? Ok. I will TRY.

10 Reasons Why I love EDSA

1. I love Edsa because I have the time in the world to finish a novel.


2. I love Edsa because I can finish 100 songs from my favorite top DJs


3. I love Edsa because I can snore my way to lala land and when you suddenly jolt yourself awake, you realized “what? I’m still in Ayala?” Then you can always go back to sleep.


4. I love Edsa because Manong Mani always greets me and say ” Hi ganda, bagong luto mani o mainit pa”.

Peanut vendor


5. I love Edsa because you get to see nice looking buildings you’d never see in the province.


6. I love Edsa because you get to hear free bible study.

bible studywebstagram

7. I love Edsa because you are given an opportunity to help the needy (especially those who brings death certificate as proof that they lost a loved one and they need money pampalibing)


8. I love Edsa because you get to be updated with the latest on sale, fashion and events  just by looking at those colorful billboards.


9. I love Edsa because it’s beautiful at night. All those cars lined up everywhere both Southbound and Northbound, with all their honking sounds and cursing drivers. So freakin fun!!!!


10. . I love Edsa because I can always strike up a good conversation with the person beside me, especially if he/she looks interesting.


I will always look at my list so I won’t feel pissed off and lose patience whenever i’m in EDSA.

Cheers 🙂