Gift Giving with the Zoomanity group and the Media

I haven’t participated on any charitable work or outreach program in my whole life. I guess probably because I’m too shallow to even care about those things and busy minding my own superficial wants. God is just so good to me that he’s starting to transform my life for the better. He gave me the opportunity to participate in one. So when I received this invitation to join, I grabbed the chance and for once, be kind and help the needy.

I decided to bring my kids on this blogger and media event for the Christmas Gift giving with Zoomanity group,



I felt so blessed to meet these wonderful and adorable children. They were all so sweet and very behaved. I told my kids to be contented on what they have because looking at these less fortunate young ones  gave me a lot of realizations. They were very appreciative of what they have and receiving a simple gift gave them that instant warm glow and happiness on their faces hat you wouldn’t see on kids nowadays.

P_20151121_090440_pP_20151121_090655_1_pP_20151121_130255_1_p - CopyP_20151121_130534_1_p - Copy (2)P_20151121_091041_1_p

“Christmas is for children” quotes Robert L. Yupangco, CEO of Zoomanity Group, one of the leading them companies in the theme park industry. With this in mind, the company took the opportunity to give back the happiness and blessings to less fortunate children this season of sharing and thanksgiving. Aside from promoting their advocacy which is called the 4 E’s (Education, Environmental Conservation, Exhibit and Entertainment), the company believes that it is part of their corporate social responsibility to those kids who need happiness the most. Through one charitable activity called “Christmas Gift Giving”. Zoomanity group chose sets of orphan kids from different foundations, annually to experience a whole day of fun, love and care in their parks.
On the said event, over 600 kids gets the chance to have free entrance to all Zoomanity parks like Zoocobia and Zoobic Safari and enjoy one exciting day to interact with their favorite animals. Different gifts were given away plus there were exciting shows held for them. The Zoomanity team along with the media partners helped distributing gifts and food for these children.


We enjoyed interacting with the animals. It was really fun being with these kids and looking at their awed faces while pointing excitedly to each animals they see.  My daughters as usual shared some fun facts about each animals, which were never a surprise to me since they loved watching videos on Youtube and reading books about Biology and Science.

P_20151121_143226_p - Copy - CopyP_20151206_100409_1_pP_20151206_100419_1_pP_20151206_100439_1_pP_20151206_102609_pP_20151206_102647_1_pP_20151206_102702_1_pP_20151206_104258_p - Copy (2)

P_20151121_102129_1_p - CopyP_20151206_100147_1_BF_p - CopyP_20151206_100514_1_p - CopyP_20151206_100758_p - CopyP_20151206_100838_1_p - CopyP_20151206_100846_1_p - CopyP_20151206_101024_1_pP_20151206_101045_1_p - CopyP_20151206_103319_1_p - CopyP_20151206_103834_1_pP_20151206_104217_1_p

What I love about attending these kind of events is that you get to meet of nice interesting people.


With Sports Blogger @running_suplado and Ms Betty Bendicion of DZRH.


Meet Ms. Betty Bendicion, news correspondent from DZRH Radyo. She shared some of her experiences covering news. If you are in the media, whether it be online, newspaper, TV or radio, we should always be brave  and deliver truthful stories. We should be spontaneous and love our audiences.12341297_10208592245910484_707151415753763472_n

Check out some of our photos from Zoocobia where we get to enjoy the Zooc Ride and all the other cute animals



12346362_10208592921247367_6232468420447118622_n (1)


I think I’ll be doing this again next year. I plan to participate on charity work if given a chance.

Help us spread and continue this wonderful activity in Zoomanity Parks where the happiness begins. For more infomrtaion, please call 899-9595 loc. 344/899-9824; 847-0413, or Come visit our website at



Cosmicground Music Festival brings back Dash Berlin in the Philippines!

My jaw dropped when I found out about this

Dash Berlin fan

I didn’t know that he’s going to be back in the Philippines until I stumbled on his post while scrolling my newsfeed. He’ll be here for another Music Festival Cosmicground. By the way guys, have you voted already? If you haven’t you may visit this link:

Cosmicground Music Festival

I was one lucky human being to rub elbows with him last 2013 during the Bigfish International Trance Energy Dash Berlin.

Dash Berlin

I wanted to thank you Cosmicground Music Festival for bringing him back here in our country! Whoever the people behind this awesome production, I wanna say YOU ARE AWESOME.

I will mark my planner for this.

Hashtags #dashberlinfan #fanatic

The Press Launch of Nivea Slidefest at The Crimson Hotel

During the recent press launch of NIVEA Slidefest held at Crimson Hotel– the most luxurious hotel in the South, friends from the media were treated to a quick look on what is about to happen on September 26 and 27!

The game-changing event that was launched just last summer is making a huge comeback this September. According to Slidefest Philippines Project Manager, Adrian Benipayo– “We just cannot wait for the summer of 2016 to bring back our ginormous slides! Summer is definitely not yet over! We are looking forward to another weekend of fun, sun and pure happiness!”.

Nivea Slidefest

NIVEA Slidefest is definitely bigger than the previous Slidefest events. Last April, Slidefest was launched with a 1000-foot slip and slide. It’s the biggest in the country. Then Last May, a back-to-back, 4-laner Slidefest event took place right at the heart of Filinvest City, Alabang. Sliders got to enjoy the latest attraction which was called the “Foam Slide”. They got to slide down on the 2 additional lanes of slide with tons of foam falling from the sky!

Just when you thought Slidefest couldn’t get any bigger than that, think again. It was revealed during the press conference that the 1000-foot slide and the foam slide will be bringing in 2 of their new friends. “Get ready to meet our 2 new giant inflatables at NIVEA Slidefest. The Inflatable Obstacle Course and A-Maze will definitely bring out the child in you! The best part is, anyone can enjoy them for FREE while waiting for their turn to slide!” said by Angelo Cruz, the Managing Director of Runtertainment Inc., the group behind Slidefest Philippines.

Nivea Slidefest

This is certainly going to be a September to remember! Have fun the entire day and soak up the sun without any worries because all silders will each get complimentary sunblock from NIVEA SUN. Talk about getting maximum sun protection to get maximum pure happiness.

A few sample slide displayed in the pool area of Crimson Hotel

Nivea Slidefest



Nivea SlidefestAdrian Benipayo-Project Manager of Runtertainment 

To be part of this super exciting event, you can register on-line at, or you can also make a reservation at and pay through bank deposit.

You can also visit the Breakout Philippines reception desk at the Ground Floor of Paragon Plaza, EDSA corner Reliance Street, Mandaluyong City to get your tickets. Register now!

Slidefest: The Country’s Biggest Slip and Slide Event

Year-round sunshine is just one of the many perks of living in a tropical country such as the Philippines. It almost seems like you can re-live your best summer moments everyday!

And that’s exactly what’s going to happen on September 26- 27, 2015, in Filinvest City, Alabang.!

NIVEA Slidefest 2015

Get pumped up as the biggest slip and slide event in the country becomes even bigger  as Slidefest Philippines partners up with the most caring sun protection, NIVEA SUN, with NIVEA Slidefest!

NIVEA Slidefest 2

Now, you can expect worry-free fun under the sun as you slip through clouds of foam in the biggest slide in the country and as you enjoy the exciting new inflatables and fun booths NIVEA Slidefest has to offer. The fun doesn’t stop at sundown as NIVEA Slidefest turns into a giant party with performances from the hottest DJs in the country such as DJ Nina Saputil, DJ Kat De Jesus, DJ Migs Santillian and DJ Marlo Naval

NIVEA Slidefest 3

You can join the fun with three types of passes.

  1. Wave and Family Wave Sliders: Lets you enjoy 2 hours of unlimited slides on your selected two-hour time session. (Php600.00/head)
  1. Block Sliders: Wave Sliders: Lets you enjoy 4 hours of unlimited slides on your selected four- hour time session. (Php1,200.00/head)
  1. All-Day Sliders: Lets you enjoy the slide for the ENTIRE day. You will be entitled to your very own VIP line and to limited edition merchandise such as a Nivea Slidefest shirt and sunnies. (Php1,600.00/head)

NIVEA Slidefest 4

Watch this video to get you more excited!

To register, visit for online reservation and payment.

All drenched at the Hydro Manila Music Festival

This is the first music festival I’ve attended that involves getting wet. 

Sad thing is, I chose the wrong outfit for the occasion.  I should’ve worn my flipflops instead of my wedge sneakers. I wasn’t planning to get wet because I was on the VIP but the fun crowd was just so tempting so I gave in and joined the fun.

Hydro Manila Music Festival Hydro Manila Music Festival

We arrived around 10 pm to catch UrbanDub.

DSC_0970 Urbandub

Urbandub Urbandub DSC_0973 DSC_1016 DSC_1018

Drenched and soaking wet, there we are dancing to the hyper electric beat played by Ron Poe. First time I’ve heard his mixes. and in all fairness, he was good.

Hydro Manila Music Festival DSC_1138 DSC_1151Look at all those tattoos! 

I mingled with the crowd of mostly college kids. Yep, I know I’m too old for this who the fart cares?

DSC_1063 Hydro Manila Music Festival Hydro Manila Music Festival Hydro Manila Music Festival Hydro Manila Music Festival DSC_1124 DSC_1123 DSC_1122My Pamangkins. Char. 

DSC_1121 DSC_1119 DSC_1117 DSC_1114 DSC_1113 DSC_1112 DSC_1110 DSC_1107 DSC_1094 DSC_1079DSC_1130 DSC_1131 DSC_1132DSC_1130These are the kids behind this brilliant production. 


DSC_1095With the bekis. 

Till our next Music Festival kids!!!

2 More Days to go for Hydro Music Festival!

Are you guys excited?  Only 2 more days and we’re ready to get soaked!


Hydro Music Festival poster

Hydro Music Festival poster

Take note of this:


Oh by the way, since we’re talking about Music Festivals here, another one will be coming next month!

Watch out for my post soon.







“Manila, are you guys ready?” were his first words that night. Within the sea of lights and the mesmerizing tracks, the Dreamchasers—in chorus—cheered and let out a delighted scream.

DSC_1826-1This was how all the magic started last August 8, 2015. Twelve thousand Dreamchasers flocked to the Mall Of Asia Arena to experience the magic of Neverland Manila Presents: Zedd True Colors. With nothing but hearts filled with happiness and optimism, Dreamchasers were in for an unforgettable, world-class experience that only Neverland Manila can deliver.


Who wouldn’t feel ecstatic anyway? It was the best of everything: a clever play of colorful lights, stage visuals, and boosted sounds—Neverland Manila and Zedd brought back the magic of Filipino unity and harmony through dance music. With Neverland Manila’s powerful production team and partners, two dance music proteges, and an EDM powerhouse on one massive stage, the dream of living in the moment of youth and happiness will finally come true for one night.DSC_1971-1Taking the lead is local talent Callum David, warming up the crowd with his mix of deep house and pop tracks. Luring the Dreamchasers in to stay for the night, the crowd danced and sang along with familiar beats. EDM protégé Haywyre then served a whole new music to the appreciative audience with his electronica and jazz tunes that kept the Dreamchasers on their feet. His impressive musicality that night made the Dreamchasers ask for more.


Then there was darkness. “We’ll run where lights won’t chase us, I will never let you go”—with the crowd singing along and the unwavering Dreamchaser’s spirits up, it was the perfect line to open the night. The opening salvo created a stronger clamor that echoed through the venue, with all the lights and fists held up. Then there was a huge flash of light, and Zedd stood in front with hands in the air. It was an overwhelming experience, with the people singing and jumping together to another familiar song and a sea of colorful lights and stage visuals.


Two hours of Zedd’s set and the light and energy of the Dreamchasers still soared high. It was a mix of the old and new, bold tracks that kept everyone on their feet. “I want you to know that it’s our time”—the spirit of True Colors was infectious. It was that night where everyone was all the same—no distinction, biases, and judgement—that everyone had a good time: from celebrities, partygoers, fans, and your average music lover.

DSC_2481-1What makes this different from other EDM concerts? It is something unexpectedly worth it—somehow Zedd was playing the songs that made you love dance music more: aside from the  magical feast of lights and sounds, Zedd connects people more than anything else. The feeling of excitement, seeing smiles all around, and all that singing along that bring that familiar overwhelming feeling that a music lover can only understand.Twelve thousand Dreamchasers. Three remarkable acts. One night of magic and uninterrupted energy. There’s no place you’d rather be: the magic of Neverland Manila Presents Zedd True Colors is something that you would never want to leave..


All photos from Daniel Tan Photography

Neverland Manila Presents: Zedd True Colors Tour is co-presented by Fox and StarWorld