A Sudden Interest in Calligraphy (Thanks to Instagram)

Since our world now involves tapping , scrolling  and typing, I honestly miss the old fashioned way of life. A life where we used to have breakfast and wake up with the smell of  brewed coffee and freshly printed newspaper waiting to be read. Where we only write on our journals and listen to pop songs.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining about how fast paced our lives have become. Technology really helped our lives more easier. But I can’t help feeling nostalgic because of all these emotions whirling inside me (thanks to the weather) and whenever I feel this way, I always look for something to unload all the crap.

Another idea formed in my 24 hour nonstop thinking brain, and the idea looks really interesting and very much appealing. We have something called “an innate creativity” that needs a little nudging to awaken them. So I think it’s time to poke this little interest I have and try Calligraphy

Photos from instagram

 Calligraphy ideas Calligraphy ideas calligraphy

Calligraphy ideasCalligraphy ideas

I’ve searched online and there are several workshops I’m wanting to invest on. The fee for basic calligraphy cost 2000 to 2500 pesos, which is not bad because it already includes the materials you’ll be needing. I think I will bring my eldest daughter with me since she really loves art and we can both learn and study.

This is what I get from being so stuck in the past. Brilliant  thinking and always finding new ways of learning 🙂


Make Electric Memories this Summer.
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Yoga. Lights festival – the burning X and sky ignition: Fly sky lanterns to the Gods! Awesome DJs. Xhilarating Music. ONE GREAT BEACH PARTY.

As the Xciting Beach Adventures of JetSkiing, Bananaboating, and X-Zorbing etc. closes to its dusky end, and as the Yoga Masters complete the Calm before the Rave…

The Light Festival ignites in the Horizon!!

We start the ritual with The Ceremonial Burning of the ‘The Burning X’ on Water, as our Archer fires his blazing arrows on the X!….our Mystical Lighting Dancers from Flow Collective shall DANCE with FIRE to please the Gods..

As we, the people of the Rave, the Electric Summer partyphiles, release lanterns to the Heavens to start the ‘Sky Ignition’…

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For more details, check out their FB page 

Archers vs Aliens: A new Game app to try

If you borrow my phone for a few minutes, one thing you’ll notice is that there’s never a game app in sight. I guess maybe because I don’t have the patience to finish one game, but I have all the patience to finish a book. Does it make sense? I’m sure most of the people out there have one or two game app on their phones. They say playing such games are brain stimulating, and I think I badly need  brain stimulation coz lately, I’m becoming so forgetful that I can’t even remember yesterday’s events in clarity.

So my first step is to stimulate my effin brain through playing games. I will try to extend my patience on this and I will TRY my very best to get entertained. I guess my form of entertainment lean towards the boring side.

Archers vs Alliens


“Aliens have invaded your medieval kingdom, and it’s up to you to drive them out! Arrange the roads to create paths for  these cute little critters, then upgrade your towers to mow them down.”

Archers vs. Aliens is a totally fresh take on classic genres. More of a puzzle game than stereotypical tower defense, it is perfect for anyone who loves an exhilarating and mind-bending challenge.

The game was released last January 23, 2015 for Android and IOS is soon to follow. You can download it for free with in-app purchases. This can be played by young adults to not-so-young adults


Az9 Studios is an up-and-coming indie gaming studio comprised of real-life partners Fredrik Spangler and Angel Kho. The small team with big dreams aspires to provide challenging and innovative mobile gaming experiences to young adults and the not-so-young alike. Archers vs. Aliens (AvA) is the brainchild of self-taught developer Fred. Being an avid gamer himself, Fred sought to deliver a high level of mental stimulation and entertainment value to the audience of Az9 Studio’s games. Soon after creating their first pet project named Tropic Heroes to apply his newly acquired app development skills, Fred conceived a completely new type of game. He excitedly started to work on the clever concept which had not yet been attempted in the mobile game industry. Archers vs. Aliens, a unique cross between puzzle and tower defense genres, emerged as the promising new production.


– Various helpful items and tower upgrades are unlocked as you get deeper into the game.
– Gold coins are collected from killing enemies. These can be used for item purchases and tower upgrades.
– Levels are progressively difficult and more complicated.
– New challenges and features are continuously added/updated.
– Archers vs. Aliens leaderboard allows players to see how they stack up against others.

Curious to know more about this gaming studio?

Visit them on their Social Media Platforms



I downloaded this app before writing this PR and this is my two cents:

  • Very brain stimulating.
  • fascinating and challenging at the same time. There’s the struggle on how to eradicate these annoying aliens while arranging road tile for the critters paths.
  • perfect for testing your focus…which I lack sometimes.

Start downloading now!

Photodiary: Holga 135 BC using specialty films

Second roll of film: Specialty film

Holga 135 BC


WWF tote

Holga 135 BC

by the window

Holga 135 BC

Holga 135 BC

Holga 135 BC


vegetable market

Holga 135 BCHolga 135 BC

the streets of Cavite

Holga 135 BC

art in a trash bin

Holga 135 BC


Holga 135 BC

Holga 135 BC

Holga 135 BC

wet pavements

Holga 135 BC

Holga 135 BC

Mall of Asia

Holga 135 BC


Next experiment. Black and White.

My Photodiary: Holga 135 BC using regular film

I haven’t shared with you my scanned photos using my Holga 135 BC. I purchased  2 films and I used a regular one for these photos.

These sets of photos are all experimental and I’m still learning the ropes on how to create brilliant multi-exposure shots and some artistic vignette shots. So far, here’s what I’ve come up with. A lot of shots were wasted after developing the two scrolls of film but I am completely satisfied nevertheless! You cannot make a perfect outcome without a few errors. That’s just how I like it.  Unpredictable images  after the developing process are just one of those that I look forward to.

Holga 135 BC

entrance to the parking lot near Holiday Inn, Glorietta

Holga 135 BC

 random street

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The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014

Kickstarting my September with a bang! The tradition continues for EDM lovers out there.

My Facebook messenger are giving me incredulous alerts last week because of this “White Party” happening at the World Trade Center. Funny thing is, a lot actually asked me for free tickets but I can accommodate only three people for free passes. Now listen to this, because Bigfish International is so generous, they actually gave us extra tickets. To my excitement I gave an announcement via Facebbok that I’m actually giving away another 5. I made this happy news on the day of the event itself. Now I’m just totally surprised because my messenger has been silent for a couple of hours. I’m like “Where is everybody on a Saturday night?” So I gave up waiting for people to message me and went on ahead enjoying the party. Now the next day, I saw about 6 messages on my inbox telling me “Hey too bad I read your announcement too late” Oh well, It’s just too bad you missed the fun we had last Saturday.

Anyways, I also thought that all my peers have other preferences when it comes to music, so they really don’t bother with this type of scene. It’s pretty much understandable knowing that most of my age group are either dining out with some friends in a cozy restaurant somewhere or having a get together over a bucket of beer. Most crowds I see attending in this kind of party are those college students who are aggressively outgoing and passionate about music. Well there’s still a few 30-ish who still likes to go out and dance. It really depends on how your taste in music is.

Moving on to what happened last Saturday, they held a press conference but it was just a super short one. I melted in my seat because Jochen Miller was looking at me! (dream on!)

Bigfish Innovation White04


Bloggers and media while waiting for the Press conference to start

Bigfish Innovation White 2014The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014


Bigfish Innovation White03

The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014

The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014

The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014

Bigfish Innovation White09

The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014

Bigfish Innovation White11

The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014

The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014

The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014

The tradition continues: Bigfish innovation White 2014

Bigfish Innovation White16


Instagram photo courtesy of Adrian Benipayo

I’ll be uploading the videos in a bit.

Next in Line…Hardwell and Cream Halloween Ball. I hope I’m not swamped with activities by that time.

An Interesting chat with Acupuncturist Dr. Philip Nino Tan Gatue

The thing I love about blogging is you get to meet a lot of interesting people, Remember when I did a feature of these group of Paranormal Investigators? I had the most memorable experience and learned a lot from them about paranormal occurrences and the types of haunting.

This time, I get to meet one of the best known Acupuncturist in the Philippines Dr.Philip Nino Tan Gatue.

Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue, is one of the leading experts ins Traditional Medicine and Chinese Medicine here in the Philippines. He’s also a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of The Philippines College of Medicine and is Director of Acupuncture Services at The Medical City. After graduating  from the Integrated Liberal Arts and Medicine (INTARMED) Program of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, Doc Philip (as he is fondly called) took an interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He has travelled to China and the US in search for training and knowledge. -http://acupuncture.net.ph/

We talked about the basic knowledge and benefits of Acupuncture and it’s origins. He gave us some insights on his own experiences dealing with patients who have seek treatments from him. It’s interesting to know that it’s one of the best known alternative medicine that actually provides therapeutic benefits. A lot of patients who are  undergoing Chemotherapy often consults him since most of these patients suffer from nausea caused by the painful procedure of the chemo. Acupuncture also helps cure sleeping disorders and migraines, which, I am currently suffering in.

When you hear the word Acupuncture, your instant thought is pain and needles. Just looking at a person with a lot of needles poking out from his/her body is morbid and scary. With an open mind and broader knowledge of it, you will get to understand about the benefits behind it.

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