How to Cure a Chakra Imbalance

The big question is that why do I always end up taking great risks in order to find TRUE HAPPINESS and not bothering to be concerned about the outcome.

It seems like I’m always finding myself in these situations where I search, dig and explore for that one thing but I’ve got no idea what that thing is. I’m a blind nomad finding myself a permanent home (at least that’s how it felt all through the years). The funny thing is, I can’t control this chakra imbalance (I don’t call it depression. It sounds like a deadly word to me so I guess this term is more positive sounding.)
These whirlwind of emotions that stubbornly sits inside my being can be very destructive if I don’t treat them as soon as possible. Good thing is that I have a guru in India (I met her through a friend who practice TM) who I can always reach through Skype or email and ask for help. She’s my personal Psychiatrist and has always been very supportive and helpful.
She asked me what I have been doing these past few months. My activities, my current job, what’s going on in my family. I laid it all out to her so she can analyze everything using Pyschoanalysis and Hypnosis.Here’s how she came up with  solutions to cure my chakra imbalance.


A few of which I am willing to share are these:

  1. Increased meditation time (I only meditate for 15 minutes lately so she said to increase it for an hour if possible.)
  2. Read more positive self help books.
  3. Spend less time in social media and only log in to these platforms if it’s necessary, like if I have to advertise something in relation to my blogging activities. She also said not to read the newsfeed too much because it can trigger something negative in our brain neurons and can cause a big pull to our positivity levels causing it to drop.
  4. Nourish the soul at least once a week (what she meant by this is to pray or talk to our Higher Being.)
  5. Spend time with nature.
  6. Reunite with your yoga mat (a few Hatha yoga exercises can help strengthen our root chakra. )
  7. Look for a job that you enjoy.

I also admitted to her that I have been eating meat since the last time I seek for her advise. She says that I shouldn’t worry too much about going back to being vegetarian. I can do this gradually, just like what I did three years ago.

I feel so much better after talking to her that I felt a momentary calm.  It gave me another reason to be inspired all over again. Sometimes, all it takes is to find someone in your wavelength who you can always  talk to.

Carrying that spark of inspiration with me,  I browsed my shelves for a good book to read and I came up with a book by Irving Jacobsen called “The Power of your Mind”

The Power of your Mind


The book tells us about how our brain is a big sleeping giant that we can always awaken. We can make the big breakthrough in expanding  our mental powers by activating the sleeping portions of our mind with the help of a few techniques like:

  • How to increase mind control
  • Learning the Introspective Analysis Take-off
  • Learning Thought Exchange
  • Conquering Thought Traps
  • Workshop for proper reasoning.
  • What we can do to attain better Insight

I swear that from now on, I will always carry  a notebook with me and jot down all thoughts that swims in my mind. If ever I’m confused with something or If I’m having trouble with decision making, it helps to practice Thought Analysis by listing all the pros and cons of each decision. You may narrow it down to 2 decisions at first so it won’t be confusing (that is if you have multiple decisions nagging at your brain) then follow the one that can give you more benefit.and success and happiness rather than temporary happiness mixed with failure.

It also helps learning how to strengthen your 7 chakras. You’ll be surprised how magical it can be to your being. This book gave me a whole new knowledge about how our mind works. The powerful techniques here requires great effort, willpower. and consistency. Solutions to each problem may vary to individuals, depending on their background, beliefs, principles, personalities and training.  I hope somehow, I gave you a better understanding of how we can deal with the ups and downs of life. So my tip for you is, next time you feel crappy, just think that you are only having what we call a Chakra Imbalance, never ever call it depression. It always helps to turn a negative term into a more positive one. Like what I  saw on a post through Instagram

Instagram Quotes

Makes  a lot of sense right?


Om Shanti.


A Deep and Emotional Book: South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami

If only I can be transported forever into the world of poignant memories, of dreams and faraway places, and somehow stay cocooned within this deep emotions that always seem to linger through silence. Haruki Murakami’s books always gives that effect on me. His novels makes me crave for solace, and with the perfect rainy atmosphere, I can always easily drift into his world and allow my thoughts to wander back into  war settings, romantic walks, first love affairs and moonlight strolls while holding hands.

South of The Border, West of the Sun

South of the Border, West of the Sun is one of my favorites next to Norwegian Wood. The heart wrenching emotional plot keeps me up till the wee hours of the morning. I am mad at Hajime for being so selfish and in love with him at the same time. There’s always something magical about first loves.That  even after 25 years, that love is still burning  I have never experienced a love like that, willing to give up his own family, wife and children, just to be with that person. I sometimes curse Shimamoto for reappearing into Hajime’s life. I always believed that men stray for a reason, and as long as you keep their eyes blindfolded from evil temptation, they would stay beside you. But if that evil temptation is very persistent and would do everything to take off that blindfold   then start getting scared.  

If you are in a relationship with a complex person, you always have to consider the risks.. You have to embrace everything,  emotional baggage and all. You would know if a person truly loves you if he accepts everything about you. Your shortcomings, your mood swings,, your selfishness, your childish rants. There’s always no rhyme or reason, you just love the person. Hajime holds that love for Shimamoto. She’s  very deep and hard to understand. Maybe because she had a bad leg and wraps herself in a protective shell and always creating a wall around her

This book moved me so much that I felt really affected by it. It’s a strong indication that he is a brilliant author that his readers are becoming so involved with his stories. He’s got the ability to be profound about facts and fantasy, always leaning towards surrealism,  Too complicated to analyze. I have learned to savor each word and sentences to truly feel the message and connect with the protagonist.

One thing I can say about this book. It is explosively brilliant.


Growing up in the suburbs of post-war Japan, it seemed to Hajime that everyone but him had brothers and sisters. His sole companion was Shimamoto, also an only child. Together they spent long afternoons listening to her father’s record collection. But when his family moved away, the two lost touch. Now Hajime is in his thirties. After a decade of drifting he has found happiness with his loving wife and two daughters, and success running a jazz bar. Then Shimamoto reappears. She is beautiful, intense, enveloped in mystery. Hajime is catapulted into the past, putting at risk all he has in the present.







Life Before Life

So many questions that are best kept unanswered. Digging deeper for things that only 5 percent of our brain can reach are quite challenging. But then if you wonder about it, you’d often end up wanting to dwell on these things and that’s where you start doing research, reading books about the  subject, and even studying facts about it.

Life doesn’t really end. Life is continuous; a cycle that keeps repeating but with a few changes. We are so afraid of dying because we are led to believe that once we die, we can no longer exist.

image I have always known my past life  A few episodes of them sometimes appear before me just like someone letting me  watch snippets of a soap opera. Some appear in a form of deja vu and some shows up in my dreams. I have not tried doing regressions for if you really try to find yourself, be aware of your spiritual self, you can discover a lot of things about you. Things that we don’t know exists in the depths of our soul. I am talking about the spiritual way of regressing (there are some who do this with the help of a trained psychotherapists). After reading this book called Life before Life, it just strengthened my belief in reincarnation. That it’s possible to regress and go back to your past as early as when you were a fetus inside your mother’s womb. Some people who did this felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. They felt the need for that safety feeling, warmth and powerful love. Others recalled how scared they were when they first saw the new world they’re in. It’s a fact that this can be  dangerous to our psychological health. If we want to learn and discover about ourselves we should be mentally ready. I admit I’m one of those people who often meddle with these stuff. The curious cat who always gets in trouble by being so inquisitive. Past life regressions require hypnosis and this should be conducted by a professional Hypnotherapist or Psychotherapist. If you have been doing some meditation I think you may do a self hypnosis and it wouldn’t be so hard compared to people who don’t practice meditation.

How about you? Are you ready to discover who you are in your past life?

How Self Help Books can change our outlook in life.

For the past couple of months I have been thinking a lot. Thinking becomes one of my hobbies especially during the mornings. I’ve come to realize that I am more mature now compared last year.  Things like getting all wrapped up in my emotion and turning to social media just to rant have become an act of childishness. Taking a lot of selfies and flooding Instagram now makes me gag.   As you grow old, you talk less. You become one of those people who want to be regarded as someone intellectual. Someone who knows a lot about dealing with people, A person with a bright and positive outlook in life.

Sometimes, browsing through Facebook can ignite different negative emotions out of us. There’s disgust (because you saw someone you don’t like), there’s envy (because you saw a friend who just bought a new car or got promoted etc.) and there’s also jealousy (because someone posted a message in your boyfriend’s timeline and you saw that he liked the post and even commented a few sweet silly remark). These emotions are blocking good vibrations thus giving us a difficult time for the Law of Attraction to work. I learned a great deal out of Al Koran’s book “Bring out the magic in your mind” He says that by constantly listening to your subconscious, it’s easy to deal with problems and helps you make a clear decision. Learning to avoid negativism at all cost are surefire ways to have a more peaceful and better life.

I  started reading books about Self Improvement and Psychology.  It helps when you know how the mind works. if you know how to control your mind and practice keeping your emotions under control things will be different. Change is going to take place and a whole new you will materialize. The books I’m reading are owned by the previous owner of my cousin’s house who passed away some years ago. Some of the books are too old and pages are crumbling already. I think it’s destiny that I found these books and some others that are sitting now on my bookshelf.

Dale Carnegie books

Dale Carnegie

My favorite quotes from the book:

“All men have fears, but the brave put down their fears and go forward, sometimes to death, but always to victory.” 

“Criticism is dangerous, because it wounds a person’s precious pride, hurt his sense of importance and arouse resentment.” 

“Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” 

“You can’t win an argument. You can’t because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it.”

“The difference between appreciation and flattery? That is simple. One is sincere and the other insincere. One comes from the heart out; the other from the teeth out. One is unselfish; the other selfish. One is universally admired; the other universally condemned.”

It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.” 

“Don’t be afraid of enemies who attack you. Be afraid of the friends who flatter you.” 

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie

In this book, Dale Carnegie teaches you how to face your fears and be confident in front of many people and speak effectively without stutters, jitters and queasy stomach. This book is one of my favorites. I am shy by nature. Talking in front of a crowd makes me nervous and sweaty. So when you feel like losing that guts you have in you that’s been sleeping for a long time, Dale Carnegie has some tips on how to stand tall and turn that squeak of a voice into a confident, booming tone that will catch everyone’s attention.

Norman Vincent Peale books

Norman Vincent Peale

Most of his teachings lean towards being positive and the practice of visualization and laws of attraction. If I feel like being negative for a second, I always read his books and ponder on some of his inspiring words.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill

I have read one of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich book. It’s an action packed book filled with tips on how to be positive, learn visualization, Auto suggestion/affirmation, and the Law of Attraction.

Harold Sherman

Harold Sherman

Harold Sherman gives us the keys to Universal Power and how to rely on your subconscious, They say that the mind is vast and mysterious. Impossible can be possible. The mind is magical. We just need to know how to unleash it’s powers.

How do I deal with a lot of disappointments in life? How do I contain myself not getting angry at someone? Learning the art of Self Mastery is quite challenging. It’s a continuous learning. It requires practice and discipline. The answers to all these questions can be found within us. It’s just that we often fight with our own self. We’re so afraid of change because we still think of other people’s comments and opinions. Ego is the worst enemy.

Starting now, I will try to fight the demons within myself. Harness the power of my mind, learn to trust my subconscious and always meditate.

I’m recently fascinated with precognition and the ability to open one’s third eye. I want to learn and discover ESP and other mind related stuff.

Hey. I’m not weird. I’m just intellectual. Curious. Fascinated.

You judge.

#StupidisForever (Ignorance Can Be Cured)

It was just last month that I bought the book that’s selling like hotcakes all over the Philippines. It’s so famous that every bookstore we went to, the salesperson recommended for us to reserve the book just to get a copy.  That’s how Miriam Defensor Santiago got really popular (well, she’s been popular ever since without even publishing a book, but not this popular that even my eldest daughter idolized her and she’s only 11 years old. ) without trying too hard. Her being witty and natural earned her the most  promising titles like “The Most Incorruptible Lady”, “The Iron Lady of Asia”, “The Platinum Lady”, “The Tiger Lady”, “The Dragon Lady”, “The Queen of Popular Polls”, “The Undisputed Campus Hero” and also “Miriam Magic”.

Stupid Is Forever

When you think of politicians, they’re usually the  boring, serious and poker faced (corrupt) types. But Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is quite a character and truly an exception. We love how her mind works coming up with witty comments, one liners, pick-up lines, comebacks, quotes and excellent standing ovation speeches. That’s why many students love her. If all politicians is as smart as her, Philippines could be one of the richest countries in the World.

As they say, it’s hard being a witty comedian. There are a lot of people out there who knows how to make people laugh using their stupidity, making a joke out of someone, and using their ugly face. Our Senator here doesn’t have to make an effort. Humor and wit seems to be her dominant quality.


Go grab yours too and laugh your heart out. I bought mine at Paseo De Sta. Rosa National Bookstore. I was lucky enough they just had new stocks.

Stephen King: Bag of Bones

I will carry my love for this author til I die. the die-hard fan in me is hungry for more of his novels. The book seriously caused me to be jumpy and nervous. This is my perfect “fright” indulgence. Just like what I did with my Green Mile and Desperation novel obsession, I downloaded the TV mini series of Bag of Bones from torrent, settled myself in a comfortable chair, and glued my eyes on the PC—with my kids also watching with hands covering their faces.

Just to caution you regarding the book, I can say it’s a slow moving story and I also had the tendency to forget some of the little pieces of what happened to Sara Tidwell. There’s an instance wherein the book circulates on Mike Noonan’s dreams, which I find unrealistic and doubtful whether he’s perhaps just hallucinating everything because of his wife’s death, or the ghosts of Sarah Laughs is really  trying to reach out to him through his nightmares.

Let me tell you a bit of the plot but I’m definitely not giving the story away so you could still enjoy reading the book and finding out for yourself.  I also suggest to download the mini series. It’s guaranteed frightening!

Mike Noonan is this bestselling novelist who suffers a writer’s block after his pregnant wife died in an accident. Even after 4 years of his wife’s death, he’s still grieving, suffering a series of nightmares about their summer house in Sarah Laughs. He took  these nightmares as a sign from his wife that he should stay at Sarah Laughs and find out what his wife’s message is telling him. So then he decides to face his fears and went to settle and move in at TR 90.

He met 3 yr old Kyra and her gorgeous widowed mom  Mattie Devore, totally young for Mike Noonan I should say. Mike Noonan suddenly became friends with them. But Matties’ father-in-law Max Devore,  aims to gain custody of Kyra—which turns out to be a plot to kill the child to break the curse of Sara Tidwell. You ask who she is? ok, she’s the blues singer who got raped and killed by Max Devore and his cronies back in the olden days (I forgot the year)  including Sara’s daughter, who they drowned in the lake. So Sara is out for revenge to all the descendants of Max and the cronies  who raped her. And so, that’s where the hauntings begin.

More of the story when you read the book of course.


i’m currently reading Salem’s Lot now and downloaded  the movie too. I loved it because it’s an old movie from the 1970’s, though it’s obviously a low budgeted film coz what would you expect back then? The Master vampire really looks funny instead of scary, and the floating figures of those who got turned into vampires looks somewhat disturbing,  but if you’re going to think of how they made the floating scene, it looked really fake and obviously lacking the use of high technology. I just love how vintage the movie was.

Hitting the sack now.


Cheryl aka Anoushka

A fascination with anything art

I know I’m a bit too old for wanting to discover my talents in drawing or anything related to art. Sadly, I am not gifted with light hands and creative imagination to make me shine. I’ve never had a decent looking drawing in my entire existence! Pathetic drawings of stick figured people holding hands are my masterpiece. Other than that, I have a few clay moldings that are made of Play Doh (which I tried baking under the sun looking like small colorful rocks because I cannot create flowers from it.) I so desperately want to belong in the art world. My biggest dream is to be a fashion designer but heck, can I become one without even knowing how to stitch a hole? nor trying to draw a pretty dress but the best I can do is a silly looking dress like this one.


Now can you really say there’s hope for me? LOL.

But you know what? I am proud to say that my kids are born with talents when it comes to drawings. I am amazed with my eldest daughter Zoey because she’s born with a creative mind and can draw really well. Thankfully they got their talents through their dad.

I’m a proud mom so here are a few of their drawings which always puts a smile on my face whenever I see them.




butty but but

Wiggle Wiggle xx Zo

kulangot savy

nose bleeding vampire xx Zo


Beware the lightning! xx Savannah

haunted mansion

Haunted hotel xx Zo


Surprise drawing for their lola xx Zo

new piatos

The new Piatos look xx Zo

mone money money money money money

A hostage comic strip xx Zo

salfie at volcano

Selfie near a volcano xx Savannah


The new IPAD xx  Savannah


The best poop xx Zo

rocket warning

Warning! Rocket Landing xx Zo

the toilet curse

The curse of the mummy xx Zo


stars and lightning xx Zo


Time is gold for this ant xx Zo

selfie at volcano

eyeball soup anyone? xx Zo

vice ganda and horse

Boom Panes! xx Zo

Aren’t they adorable? I swear I was really laughing just by looking at them. I even created an album just for these work of art.

To cut this short, I was inspired by my kids to try out learning how to draw, and learning how to be creative. I saw this book that made me want to try awakening my artistic side, if there is such a thing in me. Haha.


2014-08-13 12.23.14 1

The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith gives a delightful approach to creativity and community art. I love the illustrations and the layout. It suddenly gives me this spark of hope to explore that creativity in me that’s been long sleeping elsewhere!  The book teaches you a lot of things like how to create your own stamp, how to make your own stickers, how to make a Diorama, and other things a  free-spirited artist can do who wants to make a change and share it to the world.

When you say Guerilla Art, it means it’s a way of showing your talents and visions to the world through art making. Mostly these work of art are being left on the streets or in public places anonymously,  to make a statement, to share ideas and mostly just for fun. Think graffiti, which is somehow a form of a Guerilla Art. This is a perfect way to share whatever you have through the world.

For the artsy-fartsy out there, you may check out Keri Smith’s website  here

I am going to start being creative, like RIGHT NOW!


Cheryl aka Anoushka