Switching on Tomatoes!

Trying out tomato beauty products for a change. Papaya has been ruling the beauty world for quite sometime and I’ve always had them in my bathroom for who knows how long. There’s papaya soap, papaya cream, papaya lotion, and papaya face wash. If it’s whitening you’re aiming for, papaya usually comes to mind.

I’ll start my tomato test with this soap I saw at Watson’s. This one is pretty cheap and somehow similar to a kojic soap when it comes to appearance except the color.


I hate how it easily melts (just like the local kojic we see at drugstores and supermarkets).  Same drying effect as well., so I always make sure to put moisturizing body cream afterwards.. What I like is that it sloughs off dead skin cells., just make sure you rub it using loofah or bath puff.



I had a tomato lip balm before and I love the moisturizing effect it gives on my lips. That one I purchased from Skinfood.  I’ll use this for three weeks and see if it works. But you know what? I might consider trying the organic ones

My 2 cents: Very drying. You have to put in some moisturizing body bath afterwards. .

Will I repurchase? Maybe not anymore.

These are the typical soaps you see in Watson’s that’s usually on sale, My friend once told me never to trust a soap that usually comes with a buy one take one package. I bought this on impulse just for the sake of curiosity.

Next time, I’ll try to make a home made one.








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The Hot Lips Trend

I’ve never tried dark deadly lipstick. That lipstick that screams “don’t mess with me or I’ll punch you” kind of color.  Most of these red lipsticks are way suitable for fair skinned. Or maybe I just don’t know how to choose the right shade and I mostly end up buying the wrong ones and finally throwing them away or letting them expire.

I’ve had the opportunity to try it and see how it would turn out on my lips. To be honest, I’m not an expert when it comes to lipstick application. You’d see a few smudges everywhere. Pursing my lips is part of my mannerisms so that lipstick wouldn’t really stay in one place.

Since today is my rest day, I thought of blogging this red lipstick given by my colleague, and I think looking quite vampy is my perfect peg for this makeup look. Also, it just so happens that “Hot Lips” is now the trend for makeup as seen in Vogue.

Beauty arsenals:

Revlon Photoready

Long lasting and trusted brand that I always love to repurchase.

BYS Luminizing

My foundation primer. Sheer to the touch.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara 

I always love this classic mascara coz it always gives me that natural curl without looking too fake.

Maybelline  Gel Liner

Another product I always repurchase.

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb

Super love the shade!







Wet and Wild Cherry Bomb

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb




Told you I suck at lipstick application haha. I’m trying to get that full lips effect but I don’t have a lip liner so it ended looking like this.

So far, I love the shade and I plan to use it to match my black outfits.Before I was given this, I’m using my Loreal Pure Rouge everyday only because I felt really comfortable with the hue. Plus it looks very natural to me.

How about you? what’s your best “Hot Lips” color? and what brand?






Rush Hour Makeup: Sassy Colors Mineral Pressed Powder

Last week I bought some “drugstore” face powder because I forgot to bring my liquid foundation going to work. Sometimes, if you are desperate enough to look presentable arriving at the office, finding a quick beauty fix is a must (regardless if you’re running late.) The best thing about living here in the Philippines is that everywhere you go, you’ll find affordable but functional  beauty products to save your day. You can even find makeup at 7 11 or Ministop. If ever you lost your expensive eyeliner, then you can just head at the nearest convenience store or drugstore and you’ll find a temporary alternative for sure.

Sassy Colors

Sassy Colors

The packaging is just clean and simple and looks quite durable but I ‘m not too confident to drop it because I’m pretty sure the powder will crumble, which is the number one thing I hate coz you’ll end up throwing them anyway. This makeup line caters the young market obviously (ages range from 20 to 25 years old ). It’s somehow comparable to Careline, Fashion 21 and Shawill. Those makeup counters you often see with a lot of ladies having their makeover with the help of our trusted saleslady. I can remember when I was 20 years old and we lived near SM Bicutan back then. if I feel like wanting to look good I always visit the makeup counters and pretend I’m interested in buying through asking a lot of questions about the product, and after striking up a good conversation with the saleslady, she will then offer a free makeover. Instant free makeup 🙂

I was greatly impressed with Sassy’s powder texture with its no-fuss  easy to use application. There’s no residual powder dust when put on, because sneezing is out of the question!

At the time I bought this they only have two shades; which is warm beige and soft tan (I got the latter). I’m using this for touch ups layering it on top of my Revlon Photo Ready Liquid Foundation. It makes a great combo.

P. S

This only cost 100 pesos. Really really affordable. If you ask me where I bought my cute animal print powder puff, I got it from a discount store somewhere in Sta Rosa Laguna and bought it for less than 50 pesos. Want one?

Maybeline Great Lash Mascara: The Iconic Mascara Must Have

When I was in my elementary days, the only makeup brand I knew is Maybelline. I’ve been seeing this brand from my mom, my cousins and even my teachers. It’s a classic brand known for its affordability and how they make every woman feel beautiful and look beautiful. To this date, Maybelline has become every woman’s best friend. Did you know that my first mascara  I’ve used was the Maybelline Clear Mascara that’s very popular among teens.  I can still remember when I was in high school and the teacher caught me and my girlfriends putting on clear mascara and was reprimanded for it (I studied in a catholic school so you can understand how strict they are when it comes to vanity).

Classic Maybelline

I am most fascinated with classic beauties. 

Maybelline Classic

Classic Maybelline

Imagine our Grandma sporting Maybelline during the 60’s!

Finally (and I wanted to apologize for not blogging this on time) I get to test how great this Maybelline Great Lash mascara is. This is a girl’s must have on every makeup kit.

Introducing the Iconic Maybelline Great Lash mascara

Maybelline Great Lash

I just love the packaging. Candy Pink and Neon Green screams the 90’s!


When it comes to mascara, I do not dig the gloopy, sticky and clumpy types. I have tried several brands and when I feel like my lashes are looking like they’re all gonna fall off because of how stiff and hard it become, It’s definitely gonna hit the trash bin. My lashes are naturally thin and short (at least short for my taste) and I mostly just leave them  alone only because I’m just so lazy putting on makeup (well, it depends on my mood and certain occasions).  I was using the Revlon Custom Eyes mascara at the time when this baby landed on my lap. I was pretty satisfied with it since it’s giving me that nice natural  longer looking lashes.  But right after I got this, I am having a hard time restraining myself to open it. I finish each product one at a time and I don’t use all of them at once. I am smiling from ear to ear after opening this.


I love the thin wand. I can easily manage to sweep it through my lashes without too much trouble. It covers each strand and it separates them without the sticky clumps. I tried blinking several times to see if there would be mascara ink on my eyelids and there’s none.  I also love how it gives great definition without really looking fake.





Can you even tell the difference? My lashes are really thin and short so that’s the most fab lashes I can sport.  Did you notice my eyeliner? My hands got shaky so I ended up lining them unevenly.

I am using this for a week now and so far I’m really loving it. And ladies, you can get this for only 350 php at all leading Department Stares and Drugstores.

Oh and by the way, just to share with you. I thought of cutting my hair. I got inspired from watching too much You Tube reviews about makeup and hair that I decided to try cutting it and see if works. So far, everyone loved my new short do. Yippee!!

Short Hair

And because I feel brave this Sunday, I decided to cut my hair.

I hope you all have a great Sunday. To be honest, the moon is full last night and maybe that describes how all the crazies are acting weirdo. My Facebook is flooding with negative posts, insults being thrown here and there, and I was surrounded by it and almost fallen for it. Ugh. Don’t worry, I reflected and prayed and read positive self-help books afterwards. Oh how it was a relief really.

Love You All.

Finally uncapped my BYS Liquid Illuminator

I’m beginning to get scared of what’s happening in my skin. Call me vain but lately, I noticed that these sneaky fine lines around my eyes are showing up really bad. I still haven’t finished my snail cream and I am itching to ditch it and plan to buy a different anti aging face cream. Also, I haven’t been wearing makeup lately because I feel so uncomfortable with all that gunk on my face, and I realized it will melt anyway from the scorching heat during afternoons. Summer can sometimes be  such a hassle really.

So I thought of wearing something that would hide these dry blotches and believe me, it’s really hideous! I went through my unopened makeup products stored at the very back of my closet (I always hide them from my kids) and discovered I still haven’t used some of my BYS products that I got from a blogger event. Checked the expiration date and it’s still good until next year.

BYS Liquid Illuminator

BYS Liquid Illuminator

This actually creates a little shimmer but it’s better to look somehow moisturized than looking like I haven’t drink water for ages!

I love how:

  • It blends evenly on my skin.
  • Matches my skin tone.
  • Somehow hides my dry patches
  • Gives a slight shimmer.

I just don’t like the smell and it’s really sticky when mixed with sweat. It could be a cause for pimples.

Check out BYS on Department stores if you haven’t.

Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa

South has always been my hometown. I can never imagine myself living somewhere other than the South. If you want a peaceful atmosphere and friendly neighborhood that is somewhat close to nature, I recommend places like Parañaque, Alabang, Lqguna, Tagaytay, and Batangas. Less traffic compared living in the city where all you get is smoke and noise Going to the beach just to relax  can be quite expensive. So I was looking for something that can help ease my fried nerves and calm my mood last week and coincidentally, I received  an invite to feature a spa somewhere in Biñan, Laguna.




The place looks so elegant and charming with it’s Modern Victorian inspired design. There’s a cafe bar inside serving Italian coffee brand Illy.  You’ll be greeted by the scent of  aromatherapy oils and soft meditation music.






Having a chitchat with Raquel and Earl, owner of Rovia

Before the pampering session, the couple served us some of their signature sandwiches along with Frappuccinos.  I found out that Raquel was a Makeup Artist which explains why she’s offering makeup services too. She’s a confessed spa addict that’s why she came up with this spa business.




You should try their chicken and beef wrap, it’s awesomely delicious!


After the snack, I had the foot spa treatment called The Sea of Life Foot spa. My feet was scrubbed using the dead sea salt and then finally wrapping them with cling wrap. The foot spa is very different from other foot spa treatments I’ve tried. With Rovia,  they really took the time and effort to massage my feet. Those stubborn calluses cried out and begged for mercy but alas! They’re gone.

By the way, I wasn’t able to take a photo of the rooms because I got too excited for the whole body massage thing that it slipped my mind.  I opted for the Youthful Glow Anti Aging Body Massage because I like the sound of it.  The fact that I’m 30-ish already means that I should pay extra care for my skin. I was led to a room where it had a bed covered in plastic. The therapist started scrubbing my whole body. I felt really clean all over plus my skin felt really soft. The massage was done in the next room. A rose oil was slathered on my skin and then the kneading part began.I was feeling really sleepy already.The aches and pains all over my shoulders and back were gone in an instant. The pounding migraine I had that day melted as the therapist glides her fingers through my scalp and massaged my head. The meditation music helped ease the stress too plus the smell of relaxing scents makes you want to drift and snore your way to la la land. Also, if you’re particular with hygiene, they offer spa kit and nail kit which includes some of the spa and mani/pedi  essentials that are yours to keep with only a minimal price.

Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa is just a stone throw away from San Pedro Laguna. If you live in the South, it’s worth the 30 to 45 minute drive if you live somewhere in Alabang or anywhere in Cavite.

Rovia Nail Lounge and Body spa offers the following body massage:

  • Anti Stress
  • Signature Rovia
  • Shiatsu
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hotstome Massage
  • Hilot Wellness Therapy
  • Slimming/Anti-Cellulite
  • Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi
  • Pre natal
  • Post natal
  • Ventosa
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Foot Reflexology


Their spa party package includes:

  • Exclusive use of Rovia Nail Lounge area for 4 hours.
  • Services/packages for a minimum of 8 person (for maximum number of persons inquire at the reception desk).
  • Unlimited hot or iced tea.
  • 15 percent off for the service chosen by the celebrant.
  • Booking should be made a week before the celebration.

Here’s the photos of a Sparty that was held at Rovia.


Photos by Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa


Photos by Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa


Photos by Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa


Photos by Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa


Photos by Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa


Photos by Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa

Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa


KM 32 National Highway Canlalay
Biñan City.

Contact numbers:: +639158188772 , +639234121400, +6327757794

Definitely recommendable. Visit us here in the South. Thank you to the owners of Rovia Nail Lounge and Body Spa Earl and Raquel. They were such a nice couple that we really felt at home. Such great customer service! Keep it up!