Gift Giving with the Zoomanity group and the Media

I haven’t participated on any charitable work or outreach program in my whole life. I guess probably because I’m too shallow to even care about those things and busy minding my own superficial wants. God is just so good to me that he’s starting to transform my life for the better. He gave me the opportunity to participate in one. So when I received this invitation to join, I grabbed the chance and for once, be kind and help the needy.

I decided to bring my kids on this blogger and media event for the Christmas Gift giving with Zoomanity group,



I felt so blessed to meet these wonderful and adorable children. They were all so sweet and very behaved. I told my kids to be contented on what they have because looking at these less fortunate young ones  gave me a lot of realizations. They were very appreciative of what they have and receiving a simple gift gave them that instant warm glow and happiness on their faces hat you wouldn’t see on kids nowadays.

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“Christmas is for children” quotes Robert L. Yupangco, CEO of Zoomanity Group, one of the leading them companies in the theme park industry. With this in mind, the company took the opportunity to give back the happiness and blessings to less fortunate children this season of sharing and thanksgiving. Aside from promoting their advocacy which is called the 4 E’s (Education, Environmental Conservation, Exhibit and Entertainment), the company believes that it is part of their corporate social responsibility to those kids who need happiness the most. Through one charitable activity called “Christmas Gift Giving”. Zoomanity group chose sets of orphan kids from different foundations, annually to experience a whole day of fun, love and care in their parks.
On the said event, over 600 kids gets the chance to have free entrance to all Zoomanity parks like Zoocobia and Zoobic Safari and enjoy one exciting day to interact with their favorite animals. Different gifts were given away plus there were exciting shows held for them. The Zoomanity team along with the media partners helped distributing gifts and food for these children.


We enjoyed interacting with the animals. It was really fun being with these kids and looking at their awed faces while pointing excitedly to each animals they see.  My daughters as usual shared some fun facts about each animals, which were never a surprise to me since they loved watching videos on Youtube and reading books about Biology and Science.

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What I love about attending these kind of events is that you get to meet of nice interesting people.


With Sports Blogger @running_suplado and Ms Betty Bendicion of DZRH.


Meet Ms. Betty Bendicion, news correspondent from DZRH Radyo. She shared some of her experiences covering news. If you are in the media, whether it be online, newspaper, TV or radio, we should always be brave  and deliver truthful stories. We should be spontaneous and love our audiences.12341297_10208592245910484_707151415753763472_n

Check out some of our photos from Zoocobia where we get to enjoy the Zooc Ride and all the other cute animals



12346362_10208592921247367_6232468420447118622_n (1)


I think I’ll be doing this again next year. I plan to participate on charity work if given a chance.

Help us spread and continue this wonderful activity in Zoomanity Parks where the happiness begins. For more infomrtaion, please call 899-9595 loc. 344/899-9824; 847-0413, or Come visit our website at




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