Switching on Tomatoes!

Trying out tomato beauty products for a change. Papaya has been ruling the beauty world for quite sometime and I’ve always had them in my bathroom for who knows how long. There’s papaya soap, papaya cream, papaya lotion, and papaya face wash. If it’s whitening you’re aiming for, papaya usually comes to mind.

I’ll start my tomato test with this soap I saw at Watson’s. This one is pretty cheap and somehow similar to a kojic soap when it comes to appearance except the color.


I hate how it easily melts (just like the local kojic we see at drugstores and supermarkets).  Same drying effect as well., so I always make sure to put moisturizing body cream afterwards.. What I like is that it sloughs off dead skin cells., just make sure you rub it using loofah or bath puff.



I had a tomato lip balm before and I love the moisturizing effect it gives on my lips. That one I purchased from Skinfood.  I’ll use this for three weeks and see if it works. But you know what? I might consider trying the organic ones

My 2 cents: Very drying. You have to put in some moisturizing body bath afterwards. .

Will I repurchase? Maybe not anymore.

These are the typical soaps you see in Watson’s that’s usually on sale, My friend once told me never to trust a soap that usually comes with a buy one take one package. I bought this on impulse just for the sake of curiosity.

Next time, I’ll try to make a home made one.









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