What Happened to Ayala Triangle Gardens?

It’s been a few months since I’ve ;last seen Ayala Avenue. Last time I’ve been there was when we had breakfast at Banapple at Ayala Triangle. Ayala Triangle is still the same back then. Nice looking gardens with  pathways and a few restaurants and cafes.  I miss working in Ayala so much, mainly because the location is very convenient for a commuter like me. Plus it’s always accessible to almost everything. I remembered when I was still working there I can always go to Bikram Yoga before work. then Bikram yoga again after shift (because Bikram Yoga is located in Salcedo, just at the back of RCBC, which is our office building). And if I feel like having a cup of coffee with a  few friends we can always go to the nearest coffee shop coz  everywhere you look, there’s one.

To my surprise though, I saw a photo from Facebook that The Ayala triangle Gardens now looked like this

Ayala Triangle

The north part of Ayala Triangle is being developed by Ayala Land to make way for a new office tower, the 5-star Mandarin Hotel, a retail podium, six-level basement parking, and civic spaces that will expand the gardens and enhance public experience. The plan sounds really brilliant and promising. But to be honest, I can’t help but feel saddened by this new development. It looks really depressing if you get to see this in person. This is the only remaining patch of green you’d see in that place. It’s suffocating enough to be surrounded by tall buildings and Ayala Triangle Gardens contribute a lot of help with our environment, making it tolerable to live in the city knowing there’s still a bit of green somewhere. I can now envision the future of Makati. I see a very futuristic city with only tall buildings, and more tall buildings. You want something green? then they would probably put a flower pot or a mini garden somewhere on their rooftop.

Well, on a brighter note,  let’s just wait for the development to progress, and maybe who knows, we get to love the new Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Here’s a statement from an article posted on Facebook by Ayala Land:

“The northern tip of Ayala Triangle Gardens, at the corner of Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas, is being developed to make way for a new office tower, the 5-star Mandarin Hotel, a retail podium, six-level basement parking, and civic spaces that will expand the gardens and enhance public experience. Development is expected to be completed in 2020. By then, Ayala Triangle Gardens will have an additional 2,500 sqm of greenery and 60% of open space for the public to use and enjoy.

To ensure careful management of the existing landscape, Ayala Land is working with Joseph Server and Associates’ team of full-time foresters and horticulturists dedicated to tree care. All 71 affected trees have been replanted, 60% of which remain in the Gardens and 40% are in Circuit Makati.

Much of the seven-hectare Gardens, including the restaurant row, continues to be open to the public. With this redevelopment, Ayala Land promises new gathering places for the enjoyment of office workers, visitors, and families living in the city, in support of its vision to “enhance land and enrich lives for more people.”

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens

all photos from Ayala Land 

What’s your 2 cents on this? A big Sigh.


4 thoughts on “What Happened to Ayala Triangle Gardens?

  1. It has been a while too that I’ve been there; back when I was still taking a course with SoFA. Glad I came across your post! I was even playing to dine-in to one of the cafes in that area! It would be traumatic to find nothing there.

    I find the old Ayala Triangle beautiful and if they’re developing it to look better or to add other establishments/buildings, I hope it can surpass the beauty before.

    Louise | http://www.louisechelleblog.com

  2. Last time I’ve been there was last December. I passed by Makati Ave a few weeks ago and noticed the barricades around the area. So this is what’s happening. Sayang. The place was already great as it was.

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