Caught by the Zedd Fever! Neverland Manila’s Zedd True Colors Tour

I was feeling feverish last Saturday but no one’s gonna stop me from meeting Zedd. Though we didn’t get the chance to have  photo ops with him, I feel so lucky to have attended the press briefing and  finally able to see him in person. I’ve been a Zedd fan for who knows how long. I never get tired of listening to his music, My all time favorite is “Spectrum” , a genre of progressive house and complextro-a sub genre of electro house that involves different synth sounds per 2 bar loop, which is quite complex, hence the term it’s called. I’ve also listened to his True Colors album and I love Illusion feat. Echosmith.

Take a look at the photos taken by Art Oca of  Nightscapes and Nightlife.He’s a known photographer covering parties and events in Manila.

ZeddTCT_FB (4)

Zedd True Colors Tour

Zedd True Colors Tour

Zedd True Colors Tour

The MOA Arena was astoundingly full!  Surprisingly, we saw kids along with their parents who partied till 2 am! Mom and Dad dancing to the tune of Clarity. 🙂 Parents partying? isn’t that cool?  If only my daughter loves this kind of music I would’ve brought her with me 🙂

Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour

Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd True Colors Tour Last  2012  Zedd came to Manila to open for Lady Gaga and was the 1st ever artist to perform at the MOA Arena, Now his own show  was so successful that the whole MOA Arena is jam packed and all tickets sold out!

Zedd’s True Colors were created to convey the message of being true to yourself. and show who you really are.. I love how Zedd associates these songs with a color. One example would be the song “Straight into the Fire” If you listen to it, the drop is very energetic and aggressive which you can obviously associate with the color orange. The True Colors itself is associated with the color red. He was very creative that even his  promotional campaign for the album  covers 10 secret locations near 10 different cities in the US, with a song premiered to each location. I heard that his fans were given Beats headphones by Dr. Dre. during the promotional tour!

Zedd  mentions during the press briefing that he loves the Philippines so much. Not really surprising since  Philippines are starting to embrace the EDM culture. You hear the shallow context of it being so overrated from people who don’t really understand them. I guess it’s becoming way popular that EDM is being thrown in all types of music mixing in with pop and rock and even love songs!  My friends who loves the hip hop culture  would say “what happened to rap and R&B? ” I was once this ignorant who only knows that EDM is just a bunch of noise piercing my ears, never realizing that Electronic Dance Music covers a lot of genres which you can easily love and appreciate.

Up close and personal with Zedd during the press briefing

Neverland Manila presents Zedd Neverland Manila presents Zedd Neverland Manila presents Zedd

Short interviews with Zedd

I was also impressed with the performance of  Haywyre. His concept of mixing classical music and progressive house not only represents variety and originality, but is also a fresh take in electronic music. His beats are perfect to listen to in-between progressive  trance and electro house.  For me it’s just the right  music whenever I want to relax and chill in my room.

Some photos via my Instagram

Neverland BloggersNeverland BloggersNeverland BloggersNeverland Bloggers

I would like to thank my EDM blogger friends for making the night really fun despite the aches and pains on our backs from standing for almost 4 hours. Signs were getting really old! We were surrounded by kids who went wild with Zedd, some girls even chanting  his name over and over like they were performing some love spell. They were obviously caught by the Zedd Fever…and I am too.

Thank you and congratulations Neverland Manila for this one of a kind experience.

If I were you, head on to your nearest record bars and buy his latest album “True Colors”. They’re selling like hotcakes pretty fast so hurry!!


Here’s a few of my favorites from  Zedd.


True Colors

Illusion ft Echosmith


I’ll be posting more photos in a few days. I know you’re still craving for more.




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