The Hot Lips Trend

I’ve never tried dark deadly lipstick. That lipstick that screams “don’t mess with me or I’ll punch you” kind of color.  Most of these red lipsticks are way suitable for fair skinned. Or maybe I just don’t know how to choose the right shade and I mostly end up buying the wrong ones and finally throwing them away or letting them expire.

I’ve had the opportunity to try it and see how it would turn out on my lips. To be honest, I’m not an expert when it comes to lipstick application. You’d see a few smudges everywhere. Pursing my lips is part of my mannerisms so that lipstick wouldn’t really stay in one place.

Since today is my rest day, I thought of blogging this red lipstick given by my colleague, and I think looking quite vampy is my perfect peg for this makeup look. Also, it just so happens that “Hot Lips” is now the trend for makeup as seen in Vogue.

Beauty arsenals:

Revlon Photoready

Long lasting and trusted brand that I always love to repurchase.

BYS Luminizing

My foundation primer. Sheer to the touch.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara 

I always love this classic mascara coz it always gives me that natural curl without looking too fake.

Maybelline  Gel Liner

Another product I always repurchase.

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb

Super love the shade!







Wet and Wild Cherry Bomb

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb




Told you I suck at lipstick application haha. I’m trying to get that full lips effect but I don’t have a lip liner so it ended looking like this.

So far, I love the shade and I plan to use it to match my black outfits.Before I was given this, I’m using my Loreal Pure Rouge everyday only because I felt really comfortable with the hue. Plus it looks very natural to me.

How about you? what’s your best “Hot Lips” color? and what brand?







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