Art and Style: A form of escapism


Straw hat from Palawan. Off shoulder top from Trippyswag. Vintage Straw purse from Italy.

Reality is bitter. Reality hurts. Everyone seems to be running away from it. Indulging in shallow wants and showering with all things nonsense are considered coward moves. We never face the goddamn truth. We never wanted it. We always want to live in a world of make believe. Cloaked in misery and agony.. How,  you ask, can we be freed from this?  I guess we can elude it temporarily. It is disguised in all forms.

It all boils down to….escapism.

In my case though, I always seek hiding behind the pages of a book, expressing myself in the art of dressing up-and of course, writing. Sometimes, deep thinking also comes in a form of escape. (which I often try not to do but I always find myself staring into space with my mouth hanging open). No wonder why many people are committing suicide because they drown themselves too much in misery.

Since I’ve brought the topic of escapism, we can all head over in Pasig and grab all those super cheap books like a maniac!  it’s the perfect escape I can think of.  I felt really bad because I was not able to go yesterday I know I had the slim chance of getting the good ones and I just hope I can still score great titles from my favorite author Stephen King.

20 Peso books

You can get them all for only 20 freakin pesos! The warehouse is located at 643 Mercedes Ave, Baranggay San Miguel Pasig City.

I just hope there’s still books for me because I’m afraid they would be gone really quick. I’ll be heading over there next week for sure.

Now that’s a form of escapism I definitely want.


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