10 Reasons Why I love EDSA


Everyday is a waking agony and I always have this feeling of dread that I might be late again for work. People here in the Philippines are all cursing this road called EDSA. It’s chaos out there I tell you. If you happen to linger on Social Media during mornings  you’d see hate post about how unbelievable the traffic is and how they wish they can just burn all those vehicles to dust.


Believe me. I do wish the road will just disappear into thin air.

But then I realized, why am I   always complaining. Can I be more positive and  try to love it? Ok. I will TRY.

10 Reasons Why I love EDSA

1. I love Edsa because I have the time in the world to finish a novel.


2. I love Edsa because I can finish 100 songs from my favorite top DJs


3. I love Edsa because I can snore my way to lala land and when you suddenly jolt yourself awake, you realized “what? I’m still in Ayala?” Then you can always go back to sleep.


4. I love Edsa because Manong Mani always greets me and say ” Hi ganda, bagong luto mani o mainit pa”.

Peanut vendor


5. I love Edsa because you get to see nice looking buildings you’d never see in the province.


6. I love Edsa because you get to hear free bible study.

bible studywebstagram

7. I love Edsa because you are given an opportunity to help the needy (especially those who brings death certificate as proof that they lost a loved one and they need money pampalibing)


8. I love Edsa because you get to be updated with the latest on sale, fashion and events  just by looking at those colorful billboards.


9. I love Edsa because it’s beautiful at night. All those cars lined up everywhere both Southbound and Northbound, with all their honking sounds and cursing drivers. So freakin fun!!!!


10. . I love Edsa because I can always strike up a good conversation with the person beside me, especially if he/she looks interesting.


I will always look at my list so I won’t feel pissed off and lose patience whenever i’m in EDSA.

Cheers 🙂


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