Rush Hour Makeup: Sassy Colors Mineral Pressed Powder

Last week I bought some “drugstore” face powder because I forgot to bring my liquid foundation going to work. Sometimes, if you are desperate enough to look presentable arriving at the office, finding a quick beauty fix is a must (regardless if you’re running late.) The best thing about living here in the Philippines is that everywhere you go, you’ll find affordable but functional  beauty products to save your day. You can even find makeup at 7 11 or Ministop. If ever you lost your expensive eyeliner, then you can just head at the nearest convenience store or drugstore and you’ll find a temporary alternative for sure.

Sassy Colors

Sassy Colors

The packaging is just clean and simple and looks quite durable but I ‘m not too confident to drop it because I’m pretty sure the powder will crumble, which is the number one thing I hate coz you’ll end up throwing them anyway. This makeup line caters the young market obviously (ages range from 20 to 25 years old ). It’s somehow comparable to Careline, Fashion 21 and Shawill. Those makeup counters you often see with a lot of ladies having their makeover with the help of our trusted saleslady. I can remember when I was 20 years old and we lived near SM Bicutan back then. if I feel like wanting to look good I always visit the makeup counters and pretend I’m interested in buying through asking a lot of questions about the product, and after striking up a good conversation with the saleslady, she will then offer a free makeover. Instant free makeup 🙂

I was greatly impressed with Sassy’s powder texture with its no-fuss  easy to use application. There’s no residual powder dust when put on, because sneezing is out of the question!

At the time I bought this they only have two shades; which is warm beige and soft tan (I got the latter). I’m using this for touch ups layering it on top of my Revlon Photo Ready Liquid Foundation. It makes a great combo.

P. S

This only cost 100 pesos. Really really affordable. If you ask me where I bought my cute animal print powder puff, I got it from a discount store somewhere in Sta Rosa Laguna and bought it for less than 50 pesos. Want one?


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