A Sudden Interest in Calligraphy (Thanks to Instagram)

Since our world now involves tapping , scrolling  and typing, I honestly miss the old fashioned way of life. A life where we used to have breakfast and wake up with the smell of  brewed coffee and freshly printed newspaper waiting to be read. Where we only write on our journals and listen to pop songs.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining about how fast paced our lives have become. Technology really helped our lives more easier. But I can’t help feeling nostalgic because of all these emotions whirling inside me (thanks to the weather) and whenever I feel this way, I always look for something to unload all the crap.

Another idea formed in my 24 hour nonstop thinking brain, and the idea looks really interesting and very much appealing. We have something called “an innate creativity” that needs a little nudging to awaken them. So I think it’s time to poke this little interest I have and try Calligraphy

Photos from instagram

 Calligraphy ideas Calligraphy ideas calligraphy

Calligraphy ideasCalligraphy ideas

I’ve searched online and there are several workshops I’m wanting to invest on. The fee for basic calligraphy cost 2000 to 2500 pesos, which is not bad because it already includes the materials you’ll be needing. I think I will bring my eldest daughter with me since she really loves art and we can both learn and study.

This is what I get from being so stuck in the past. Brilliant  thinking and always finding new ways of learning 🙂


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