Life Before Life

So many questions that are best kept unanswered. Digging deeper for things that only 5 percent of our brain can reach are quite challenging. But then if you wonder about it, you’d often end up wanting to dwell on these things and that’s where you start doing research, reading books about the  subject, and even studying facts about it.

Life doesn’t really end. Life is continuous; a cycle that keeps repeating but with a few changes. We are so afraid of dying because we are led to believe that once we die, we can no longer exist.

image I have always known my past life  A few episodes of them sometimes appear before me just like someone letting me  watch snippets of a soap opera. Some appear in a form of deja vu and some shows up in my dreams. I have not tried doing regressions for if you really try to find yourself, be aware of your spiritual self, you can discover a lot of things about you. Things that we don’t know exists in the depths of our soul. I am talking about the spiritual way of regressing (there are some who do this with the help of a trained psychotherapists). After reading this book called Life before Life, it just strengthened my belief in reincarnation. That it’s possible to regress and go back to your past as early as when you were a fetus inside your mother’s womb. Some people who did this felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. They felt the need for that safety feeling, warmth and powerful love. Others recalled how scared they were when they first saw the new world they’re in. It’s a fact that this can be  dangerous to our psychological health. If we want to learn and discover about ourselves we should be mentally ready. I admit I’m one of those people who often meddle with these stuff. The curious cat who always gets in trouble by being so inquisitive. Past life regressions require hypnosis and this should be conducted by a professional Hypnotherapist or Psychotherapist. If you have been doing some meditation I think you may do a self hypnosis and it wouldn’t be so hard compared to people who don’t practice meditation.

How about you? Are you ready to discover who you are in your past life?


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