Maybeline Great Lash Mascara: The Iconic Mascara Must Have

When I was in my elementary days, the only makeup brand I knew is Maybelline. I’ve been seeing this brand from my mom, my cousins and even my teachers. It’s a classic brand known for its affordability and how they make every woman feel beautiful and look beautiful. To this date, Maybelline has become every woman’s best friend. Did you know that my first mascara  I’ve used was the Maybelline Clear Mascara that’s very popular among teens.  I can still remember when I was in high school and the teacher caught me and my girlfriends putting on clear mascara and was reprimanded for it (I studied in a catholic school so you can understand how strict they are when it comes to vanity).

Classic Maybelline

I am most fascinated with classic beauties. 

Maybelline Classic

Classic Maybelline

Imagine our Grandma sporting Maybelline during the 60’s!

Finally (and I wanted to apologize for not blogging this on time) I get to test how great this Maybelline Great Lash mascara is. This is a girl’s must have on every makeup kit.

Introducing the Iconic Maybelline Great Lash mascara

Maybelline Great Lash

I just love the packaging. Candy Pink and Neon Green screams the 90’s!


When it comes to mascara, I do not dig the gloopy, sticky and clumpy types. I have tried several brands and when I feel like my lashes are looking like they’re all gonna fall off because of how stiff and hard it become, It’s definitely gonna hit the trash bin. My lashes are naturally thin and short (at least short for my taste) and I mostly just leave them  alone only because I’m just so lazy putting on makeup (well, it depends on my mood and certain occasions).  I was using the Revlon Custom Eyes mascara at the time when this baby landed on my lap. I was pretty satisfied with it since it’s giving me that nice natural  longer looking lashes.  But right after I got this, I am having a hard time restraining myself to open it. I finish each product one at a time and I don’t use all of them at once. I am smiling from ear to ear after opening this.


I love the thin wand. I can easily manage to sweep it through my lashes without too much trouble. It covers each strand and it separates them without the sticky clumps. I tried blinking several times to see if there would be mascara ink on my eyelids and there’s none.  I also love how it gives great definition without really looking fake.





Can you even tell the difference? My lashes are really thin and short so that’s the most fab lashes I can sport.  Did you notice my eyeliner? My hands got shaky so I ended up lining them unevenly.

I am using this for a week now and so far I’m really loving it. And ladies, you can get this for only 350 php at all leading Department Stares and Drugstores.

Oh and by the way, just to share with you. I thought of cutting my hair. I got inspired from watching too much You Tube reviews about makeup and hair that I decided to try cutting it and see if works. So far, everyone loved my new short do. Yippee!!

Short Hair

And because I feel brave this Sunday, I decided to cut my hair.

I hope you all have a great Sunday. To be honest, the moon is full last night and maybe that describes how all the crazies are acting weirdo. My Facebook is flooding with negative posts, insults being thrown here and there, and I was surrounded by it and almost fallen for it. Ugh. Don’t worry, I reflected and prayed and read positive self-help books afterwards. Oh how it was a relief really.

Love You All.


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