If You’re feeling crappy, be colorful.

Coach Leatherware

Are you feeling crappy lately? coz I am. I must say this feeling comes once in a while and the only way to deal with it is to find your own outlet to eliminate stress. In my case, writing, reading and retail therapy are the best solutions. I’ve also read from Al Koran’s book  that wearing colorful clothes can change your mood instantly and can bring positive energy and good luck.


Coach Leatherware

Coach Leatherware

Coach Leatherware sneakers

My only wish is that I can wear this type of outfit for work. I wore this when we went school supplies shopping with my kids. I thought it would be perfect for the weather. It’s been a while since I’ve posted OOTDs. I just can’t help but blog this sneakers given by my little sister.

It’s a relief I finally have the free time to unload my thoughts  A lot has happened and mostly about office drama. I’ve realized it’s hard dealing with a person who has a  psychological disorder. That typical person who’s paranoid and makes a big deal out of almost everything, has a case of verbal diarrhea and always looking for an argument or a fight. To be honest, it’s the first time I have encountered such a person and oh boy, imagine the level of patience I have given and yet, the person still didn’t get it. God indeed works in mysterious ways. Probably he gave me this “challenge” to test my knowledge on patience and  tolerance. From now on, I really have to be careful with who I associate with. I should’ve followed my instincts.

More to share soon.


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