We welcome our Champions: Asia’s Got Talent El Gamma Penumbra!

Sometimes, I miss working the night shift because you seldom encounter horrible traffic and you get to avoid commuter dilemmas,  plus you can attend events during the afternoons. But ever since getting a  day job, I still haven’t mastered the art of battling the rush hour—meaning traffic, enduring long lines at the UV Express Terminals, riding the jam packed MRT and getting squeezed between a guy with a foul smelling armpit and a possible maniac that’s giving you a weird look. You can just imagine what I’ve been through last Thursday after attending the Press Conference for Asia’s Got Talent Champions and finalists. The event was held at Urbn Bar and Kitchen in BGC.  Traffic is bad along Forbes Park so it’s a major chaotic, horrendous rush hour nightmare!

Well, this is all worth it after all. Meeting the Pride of The Philippines is truly rewarding.

 El Gamma Penumbra

 El Gamma Penumbra

Photo ops with the Cherifer team

Television viewers across Asia made history by voting the Philippine act El Gamma Penumbra the inaugural winner of “Asia’s Got Talent,” the thrilling hit talent competition series on AXN.

I have never heard of shadow play before. It’s a totally different concept and injecting  meaningful stories on it made it even more interesting  Their winning Grand Final shadow play to the song “Colors of the Wind” was a touching tribute to Mother Earth that conveyed the importance of conservation. It brought judge Anggun to tears and earned David Foster’s praise for being “beautifully profound”. Because of their brilliant and touching performance they brought  home the coveted “Asia’s Got Talent” title, winning the prize of US$100,000, plus the opportunity to perform at Marina Bay Sands.

 El Gamma Penumbra

“Thank you so much for all the support and prayers for El Gamma Penumbra. We’ve been dreaming of this for a long time. Now that we’ve reached our dream it’s time for us to pay it back by giving wonderful and inspiring performances. Thank you to the Judges who inspire us to be more like you, to all Filipinos, to AXN, and to FremantleMedia for giving us the opportunity to perform on ‘Asia’s Got Talent’,” said Marvin Mendoza Marfa of El Gamma Penumbra.

There were a lot of questions thrown by the press but it seems that Gerphil Geraldine Flores were the highlight of these interviews. There were some issues between her and ABS CBN, something of her not showing up in an episode of ASAP and the fact that she’s avoiding the network because of her resentment towards them after not winning Pilipinas Got Talent.  She clarified this speculations and explained that the only reason why she was not able to guest in ASAP was the fact that she was the only one left in Singapore and the rest of the finalists went back home in the Philippines.

 El Gamma Penumbra

 El Gamma Penumbra

As for our Grand Champions, they were just too happy and excited for there’s a lot in store for them in the future. Imagine only getting two hours of sleep because they had to do the rehearsals everyday. Talk about discipline and handwork. I also learned that they started out as hip hop dancers, transitioning to jazz and finally coming up with a creative dance concept of shadow play.

 El Gamma Penumbra

Ell Gamma Penumbra

Flocked by the media

 El Gamma Penumbra

Of course I wouldn’t pass up this opportunity for a photo op with the champions. 

Asia’s Got Talent Grand Winner and Finalists:

(Photos courtesy of AXN Network Philippines)

El Gamma Penumbra 2

El Gamma Penumbra-Shadow Play

Gerphil Geraldine Flores 2

Gerphil Geraldine Flores-Classical Crossover singer

Gwyneth Dorado

Gwyneth Dorado-10 yr old singer 

Junior New System 2

Junior New System-Dance Group

L to R - David Foster, Anggun, Van Ness Wu & Melanie C. 1

Judges David Foster, Anggun, Vaness Wu, Melanie Chrisholm

Here’s a video of their winning act “Colors of The Wind” shadow play by El Gamma Penumbra

Thank you AXN Network for inviting me and for these nice tokens. I can’t wait for the next season of Asia’s Got Talent. I am pretty confident that another talented Filipino will shine and get known all over Asia.

axn freebies

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