Summer Wrap Up

Today is the 25th of May and as I typed this, my photo viewer is up and constantly feeding summer photos making me feel a little bit sad that summer is going to end in just a few weeks time. My summer trips for this year concentrates more with family. I vowed to myself that I will make the most of my living days spending it with them because life is just too painfully short, and we don’t know how long our Earth is gonna breathe given all the scary things happening in our world lately (I know it sounds cheesy. )

Since getting emotional on a Monday morning is my cup of tea, let me have a summer wrap up. I wanted to make sure that this is documented here in my blog.


Summer photo diaries

My baby Savannah enjoying the hammock



Summer photo diaries

My niece Alyssa doing her cheerleader stunt

Summer photo diaries

I bonded with the senior citizens. Lol

Summer photo diaries

With my sexy cousins and my little sister


Meet my cool mechanic brother Chester. Want your car to turn out just like the ones on the Pimp My Ride? He’s the perfect man!

Summer photo diaries

Very artistic. An authentic starfish necklace!

Summer photo diaries


Meet my little brainy sister Chazel, a Software Engineer slash labandera slash yaya (of my two kids)


Summer photo diaries

With Hubby Lance, Photographer slash DJ slash Airsoft Player slash Manyak

Summer photo diaries

Summer photo diaries

We found so many starfish

Azure Wave pool

At Azure Urban Resort and Residences

Summer photo diaries

Summer photo diaries



Real sexy girls don’t hide their stomachs

Now that June is coming, it’s scrimping time for me. Taking a break from all unnecessary expenses and making sure each hard earned money is spent for my kids needs. Sounds really mature eh? I am surprising myself as well.

I say goodbye to summer for now. I’m hoping I get another travel benefit from Airbnb and book another trip somewhere outside the country. I want to go to Bali, Indonesia. I really want to fulfill my wish to meet Ketut Liyer, the famous Indonesian medicine man.


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