Finally uncapped my BYS Liquid Illuminator

I’m beginning to get scared of what’s happening in my skin. Call me vain but lately, I noticed that these sneaky fine lines around my eyes are showing up really bad. I still haven’t finished my snail cream and I am itching to ditch it and plan to buy a different anti aging face cream. Also, I haven’t been wearing makeup lately because I feel so uncomfortable with all that gunk on my face, and I realized it will melt anyway from the scorching heat during afternoons. Summer can sometimes be  such a hassle really.

So I thought of wearing something that would hide these dry blotches and believe me, it’s really hideous! I went through my unopened makeup products stored at the very back of my closet (I always hide them from my kids) and discovered I still haven’t used some of my BYS products that I got from a blogger event. Checked the expiration date and it’s still good until next year.

BYS Liquid Illuminator

BYS Liquid Illuminator

This actually creates a little shimmer but it’s better to look somehow moisturized than looking like I haven’t drink water for ages!

I love how:

  • It blends evenly on my skin.
  • Matches my skin tone.
  • Somehow hides my dry patches
  • Gives a slight shimmer.

I just don’t like the smell and it’s really sticky when mixed with sweat. It could be a cause for pimples.

Check out BYS on Department stores if you haven’t.


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