Staycation at Azure Urban Resort and Residences

Most people I know usually spend their Labor Day in Boracay, hence the name they invented for Laboracay. I’ve no clue who actually invented this but since almost all people spend their Labor Day weekend in the so-called island,  Laboracay became very popular.  In my case though, I preferred the most convenient and cheapest way to spend it. I thought of a  nice place with a man made beach that’s near our area.

The perfect place I’m talking about is the popular well advertised Condominium in Parañaque:  Azure Urban Resort and Residences

Azure Wave pool

Azure Urban Resort and Residences


I booked this place through Airbnb, a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world.  The nice thing about Airbnb is that most of the listings are very affordable, plus you get to meet people from different cultures. You’ll find different listings for a room, a whole apartment, a villa, a tree house, castle, or even an igloo! Pretty unique right?


As you can see, the place is not totally finished yet. There are still a lot of construction being done from the other buildings. Azure consists of several towers named from some of the most popular islands in the world.. There are other names like Rio, Boracay. St. Tropez, Positano, Miami, Maldives,  and Maui.  We stayed in the Santorini Tower. The rooms are pretty modest, with wooden floors, light green walls and a balcony on each unit.

Azure Urban Resort

There are three pools at Azure. There’s the man made beach, the lap pool and the wave pool.



My favorite is the wave pool, with undulating waves and waterfalls. They activate the wave feature every 30 minutes, so we always wait for the sound of the whistle from the lifeguard which is an indication that the waves are coming!

IMG_20150502_164352 IMG_20150502_164256 IMG_20150502_164057 IMG_20150502_164044

Just an F.Y.I, they have  very strict rules when using the pool. No one is allowed to wear denim shorts, T shirts/blouse, or anything that’s not considered a swimwear. My eldest daughter is pretty conservative and she doesn’t want to wear any type of swimsuit other than a regular blouse and shorts. I didn’t think of buying her a rash guard coz I thought she would be allowed to swim wearing her “conservative” swimwear. We had a little convincing with the guards and told them to allow my daughter since we really didn’t know the policy and thankfully they agreed.  The lifeguards would blow their whistles when they see someone not abiding by the strict pool regulations.


IMG_20150502_163543 IMG_20150502_163539 IMG_20150502_163533

The floors are very slippery so we had to be careful every time the waves hits us especially while we were standing. 

IMG_20150502_164344 IMG_20150502_164130 IMG_20150502_164127

The Paris Beach Club during Daytime


during nighttime

The ice cream and candy bar doesn’t have concessionaire yet so it’s still bare, but there’s already a cafe bar named Patrick’s Cafe inside so you can always have a nice cup  before your morning swim.



Me and my little sister



me and sav


view from our room


Some helpful tips when booking for a reservation at Azure:

  1. You can’t just up and walk in. Guests should have a reservation, either you know someone from Azure, or look for a listing through Airbnb or other site that offers renting the units.
  2. Strict pool regulations. No denim shorts, no T shirt or blouses. Acceptable swimwear are two piece, one piece, Rash guards and board shorts.
  3. No littering obviously.
  4. The wave pool closes at 7pm and the lap pool at 9 pm. So better make the most of your time swimming.
  5. The accommodation price varies, depending on the owner of the unit. Cheapest you can get is 2500 for a one bedroom and for two persons. For  5-6 persons price ranges from 4k to 7k, this is with two bedrooms. Again, it depends on what unit you’ll be staying.
  6.  It’s best to buy groceries and bring food so it’s cheaper. The food at the cafe is a bit expensive. There’s SM Bicutan near Azure so you can always buy some food and drinks before checking in.  Most units have a microwave oven and refrigerator so i’s really convenient.
  7. This is a perfect place for small team buildings and family gatherings, especially if you are on a budget and you want a nice looking place to stay instead of going to  usual places like Pansol or Rizal. Just my opinion. For a change you know.

Our stay at Azure was quite memorable. I will definitively be back.

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