Receiving Qrak Power

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to these past few months. I was busy with a lot of things. There’s work, attending to my kids, and then there’s studying.

Yes. I am on a self study, now learning something new and interesting. The past few years have been a challenge and a road full of obstacles. I had to fight my way just to survive the battles of life. The absence of blogging is one indication that I’ve been very serious dealing with family and work stuff. As you may know, I stopped going to Tagaytay for my Brahma Kumaris meditation and Raja Yoga studies. I got sidetracked, reacted easily with the negative surroundings and fallen prey to it.

I have been seeing myself through the wrong end of the telescope. It’s time to start changing the patterns of my thoughts.

Last week was a wake up call.

All because of the help of these old books.

The Modern Palmist

Al Koran’s Bring out the magic in your Mind

You see, I always believe that everything happens for a reason. I knew that fate is what led me to those old books.  My cousin invited me to their house and my intention was just to check out the place and catch up with my relatives. Now while we were on our way to her place, she mentioned something about her having a lot of old books which was owned by the previous deceased owner. She said that maybe I may want to check them out and bring some if I wish. My silly old self got so excited and couldn’t wait to check all of them out. Upon arriving at her place, I was so amazed at how much books they have! The great part is that most of the books were related to yoga, meditation, clairvoyance, opening one’s third eye and some Parapsychology related stuff. These were the books I grabbed from those old bookshelves.

Since then, I busied myself reading and  studying these books. I even consulted a paranormal expert whenever I stumbled upon an unfamiliar word or phrase or term.

Discovering QRAK Power

Reiki Qrak

Through these magical books I became hungry for more knowledge on how to get motivated using your mind, paranormal, Parapschology, the Universe, the spirit realm and other things which the naked eye cannot see and feel, and because curiosity is one of my dominant quality, I got interested in this thing called Qrak Cultivation Power.

It’s hard to explain what really is a QRAK Cultivation but to simplify things, it is simply awakening your Chakra or Kundalini. Opening your Third Eye, discovering your potential healing powers and other psychic abilities which all of us have.

I finally got the Distance Attunement just last night and the experience was so powerful and unbelievable!

What is a Distance Attunement you ask?

It is what you call receiving the flow of energy given by Q-RAK Grand Masters from a distance or remotely. It’s merely channeling energy to it’s students. During the attunement, you can seat, relax, close your eyes and intent to receive the Q-RAK attunement completely and perfectly and feel the process. In my case, I felt a tingling sensation on my forehead (between my eyebrows), felt it along my spine, the nape of my neck, my legs, and even my arms. Practically my whole body is feeling the energy flow. At first I felt really weird because this is my first time and I can’t believe how true this is. The attunement is about 20 – 30 minutes.

Here are the benefits you’ll get after receiving the Level 1 Attunement:

  • Self purification/purification cultivation/spiritual evolution
  • Health
  •  Abundance
  •  Intelligence
  •  Third eye and conscience abilities
  • Awakening of the Kundalini
  •  High level yoga meditation
Who can learn QRAK Cultivation?
QRAK Cultivation is not a religion and does not come from any religion; it is merely spiritual
technique for self purification. Anyone from any ages can learn and practice QRAK Cultivation;
toddler, teenager, adult and seniors.
How to obtain the ability of Q-RAK Cultivation?
Merely 20 minutes attunement process given by Q-RAK Cultivation master, then the ability of
QRAK Cultivation can be obtained perfectly and completely.The attunement process can be given at the workshop of QRAK Cultivation directly as well as distantly.
How to practice QRAK Cultivation?
1. Improve kundalini by reading kundalini affirmation on daily basis
2. Exterminate self viciousness and negative aura
3. Carry out self control for being positive at all time; avoid negative actions/habits, which will cause leaking of kundalini. If happened that kundalini is leaking, the miracles of QRAK Cultivation will be obstructed

There are affirmations associated with it. As long as you say the affirmations on a daily basis, you will definitely feel it’s benefits.

Some terms are quite unfamiliar. But the main point is this, QRAK is just like Reiki, which involves channeling energy from an experienced master to another person and activating your Kundalini. I have read a lot of articles about healing and the fact is, all of us have healing capabilities. We just need to know how to use it. Healing applies to all kinds of illness, mentally, spiritually and physically. Have you ever had a break up with someone and then after a few months time, you managed to get over it and move on? that is also simply a form of healing without you realizing that you performed it. You had faith with your own self that you can move on and heal the wounds of a broken heart. Simple as that. Healing requires a strong faith. You cannot heal a person if the patient does not want to be cured.

I am still on a long journey to self discovery. Consistent learning and a strong will to fight negativism is one of the key to attaining mastery of this art.

If  you wish to know more about my experience and if you want to experience it for yourself as well, just send me an email and I will give you all the details.

With Love and Light,

Om Shanti.


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