My New Haircolor: BeautyLabo…coz I say no to Salons

I chose to color my own hair because of the trauma I got a few years back. I went to this very popular salon (and you’d be surprised because they are really popular and CREDIBLE to most people. Ok clue: Blue!) that they even got a lot of branches here in the Philippines. My hair got super damaged like it’s been electrocuted. Dry, coarse and very limp. Plus I didn’t get to achieve the color want. I got hysterical when I saw how my hair looked after it’s been colored by their so-called Hairstylist. It looked like the hair of an Albino that’s waay too blond but a bit reddish. It’s totally indescribable. Because of my ruckus they got alarmed and immediately offered to fix it and reimbursed the money I paid. Even after they attempted to fix my totally fried hair, it still looks horrible. I actually threatened to sue them and told them I’ll be spreading the news how bad their service was if they’re not going to fire that incompetent Hairstylist coz another customer may suffer under his hands. But of course that’s just my outburst. I’m just so mad I couldn’t really think straight. In the end, I just walked away with my money and my super unglamorous hair. After the scenario though, some of the customers left as well, scared that the same thing may happen to them.

So since then, I’ve been coloring my own hair and just buying over-the-counter hair dyes. I feel safer that way.

Watson’s carry a lot of nice, mild and safe haircolors. Different brands from Singapore and Korea like the popular Bubble Haircolors that’s really affordable.

This time, I tried this Haircolor called Beautylabo.


What’s included in the box:

  • Instruction leaflet
  • cream developer
  • cream colorant
  • plastic gloves

There’s just one thing missing though, they don’t have a comb included.

My hair is extremely thin, so I wasn’t able to consume all the cream so I threw the rest out. My hair isn’t so hard to color. I watched Youtube tutorials for guidance 🙂

I chose the Candy Apricot color which I’ve no clue what it would look on my hair

This is what my hair looked like before Beautylabo

After using Beautylabo though, here’s the outcome

And after a few shampoos, here’s what it looks like under the sun and natural lighting.



I just noticed that it came out lighter than what it appears in the box. But that’s how it is when you color Asian hair, sometimes you have to bleach it first if you want the color to stick. I love the outcome though. It came out more natural looking and my hair isn’t as dry as when I usually have it fixed at the salon.

These box is very affordable that you can buy for only 250 or so.

Ciao for now.




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