Travel down Memory Lane

These photo was taken at a vacant lot near the Nuvali Bazaar. Saw this random mini truck while my brother  tweaks his car. As usual, the blogger in me can’t help but pose for an OOTD shot.

Nine West Booties

I’m beginning to get scared of what could happen to me in a couple of years as I grow old. I’m having a difficult time remembering little details like what I just did yesterday. I have to struggle weaving old fragments of memory and only came up with a few randoms and not the significant ones. Sometimes I’m thinking maybe my brain’s favorite activity is dozing off. I might need a few brain exercises to maintain (or in my case, regain) my memory. Solving this problem by engaging myself to some brain stimulating activities like playing games in my phone and solving crossword puzzles. I think I also ought to keep a Memory Diary of some sort to record everyday moments so that in the future, in case I’ll get Alzheimer Disease, my daughters can read it for me. What a sad thought. I’m gonna leave you now with an outfit post. Pardon me for such random thoughts like this one.

I moved in Sta. Rosa Laguna and left our home in Cavite for good. That house carries so much bad memories that I don’t regret leaving it behind. They say that there’s such a thing called BAD LUCK and that house emits so much negativity in it. I can still remember someone I met who’s got a psychic ability told me that the house had too many old imprints of the past and a few of the people who lived on it has left a negative aura. Sounds downright scary.

Till my next post.


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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