Never too old for cute Korean makeups

Last month I got a handful of Korean makeups that I haven’t blogged about. I’m so sorry for the absence of blog posts lately. Too much are on my plate plus a lot of people and situations to deal with. The thing that I can assure you of is that this blog is gonna exist forever till I die (if that’s gonna be possible). So moving on with our makeup talk, Asian makeups are the thing most women go for in terms of quality and affordability. Who can resist these adorable eye candies?  Aside from the fact that they’re quite cheap, they’re also safe and mild to use.

Etude House and Tony Moly goodies


Starting off with this Dolly Cat eyebrow pen from Etude House. I find this one not in my liking. It’s pretty messy to use. It doesn’t define my brows well. There’s a tendency to smudge when you happen to wipe off  sweat from your brows.

I didn’t notice my nails are awfully chipped. Time to repaint these nails in a bit.


I gave this one to my sister coz I have dry skin. I’ll rank this one a 5 when it comes to the packaging. Cute and very handy that you can easily stash in your pocket. I was too afraid to use it since this is obviously not for dry skin.


This one reminds me of an Easter egg. The color doesn’t suit my skin tone but it’s very blendable. What I do is just dab a little on both cheeks and blend, then top off with a loose powder. Obviously this isn’t for tanned skin so I would recommended this to fair-skinned women.

Comes with a cute puff.

The color confused me a bit. When you blend it it gives a slight tinge of light pink but It’s somehow a cross between pink and peachy. CATS WINK My favorite among the rest! As you know I love cats so this one really caught my eye. Cats are known to be adorable pets and Koreans even have a cat cafe (Seoul, Korea), where they can enjoy a cup of coffee while petting cats. I am not surprised if they incorporate  cat designs on their products especially makeups.   The shade is just right for my skin tone though at first it looks a bit pale. I love the velvety finish and it’s soft silky feel on my face. I seldom use this because my eldest daughter is always the one carrying it. In fact, I ended up giving it to her. Korean makeups are everywhere, especially online. If you compare Korean makeups with the more grown up and popular brands, it’s a lot cheaper but with the same quality. You just have to be careful and wise in choosing a brand.


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