Angled Tip Eyeliner Pen: Try BYS

Until now I still haven’t mastered the art of defining full, perfect arched brows. I’ve been using my gel liner for ages and I just don’t like the way my brows look whenever I use it. I woke up one day and got tired of it and threw it in the trash bin. As I was sorting through my makeup things I realized I haven’t reviewed this BYS Angled Tip Liquid Eyeliner pen that I got from the BYS event last year of September.

I decided to use them last week and I’ve heard from a makeup artist that angled tips are better than using just a regular pencil liner because you get more control of lining your brows. Such a relief following those fine lines, and you can do this without being an expert!


It’s great feature is the horizontal tip, which reminds me of a highlighter pen. It isn’t messy and it doesn’t smudge. I did the application carefully to avoid broken lines.

The difference with this liquid pen is the smooth and clean application. It doesnt create little clumps on my brows just like the gel liner I’m previously using.

I’m sure these are selling like hotcakes on all BYS makeup counters. It won’t hurt to let go of your old used and abused pencil liner and switch to this one.


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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