Glupa Skin Whitening Cream and Lotion

After finishing the first set of whitening products that was delivered to my doorstep 2 months ago, I’m now moving on to the second set and to be honest, I’m quite unsure If I am doing the right thing here. When you wanted whiter skin, consistency should be practiced. In my case though, having whiter skin isn’t one of the things I yearn, but then again, as mentioned on my post via Instagram, a little bit of whitening won’t hurt.

So let me just share this product that I’m sure all of you have already heard or seen displayed at all leading supermarkets and beauty stores. The first time I laid eyes on their products  was last year while browsing through the SM beauty racks. All those Glutathione skin care products never caught my interest. I wouldn’t really include them in my budget. My skincare only consists of a mild soap or face wash, good toner, and a a very creamy moisturizer…and that’s about it.

As our world evolves, so is our beauty products!

Glutathione plus Papaya=whiter radiant skin. The combination is brilliant.

Glupa contains 500mg of first-class Reduced Glutathione from Japan
Glupa is made from premium glutathione imported from Japan. With 500mg of glutathione, Glupa contains twice the amount of glutathione than the leading brand. At almost the same price, Glupa gives you better value for money gram for gram.


Vitamin C
Alpha Lipoic ACID (ALA)

In conclusion, Glupa’s formulation has the new and more effective way to raise glutathione level in the body and that is through the synergy of glutathione with Papaya.

The synergy of glutathione and papaya provides Antioxidant, Immune System Enhancement, Detoxification, Healthy Digestive System, Anti-aging, and Skin Whitening.

I decided to use the cream and the lotion first since I’m still not finished with the current soap I’m using. I don’t do sets, like using them all in one go; face wash, soaps, creams and lotion. I always believe that not all skin care products suits us, so being wise on choosing which products to use just means that you’re being smart about caring for your skin.

Glupa whitening cream

Giving my verdict with the cream first. I’m happy with the smell but very much disappointed with the packaging. Using it requires careful application so as not to spill on your shirt coz believe me, the cream is all over the place!

Glupa Cream

Also, I suggest you use this during the evening. If you’re morena like me, chances are, wearing this during the morning will make you look too white and pasty since the cream consists of talc.


I’ve only used the cream for 5 days and my black little marks that came from my old pimples were gone! This is the most effective whitening cream I’ve ever tried. No offense to other brands but this is just based on what I’ve observed. I just hope they improve the packaging. I just can’t get over the fact that it’s really MESSY to use and prone to spillage.

Now trying out the lotion.

Glupa Lotion

The lotion and the cream doesn’t have much difference when it comes to everything. The smell, its consistency and the power it gives to whiten skin. It also has a mattifying component but I personally don’t like the way my legs looked when slathered with this lotion. The white residue is very obvious, so what I usually do is just blend them smartly over my legs and feet.


Glutathione and Papaya is indeed a perfect combination. So far, I am very satisfied with the results. Ok, more than satisfied I guess. Impressed is the right word.

Definitely worth recommendable.

You can buy these on all Supermarkets and Department stores nationwide.


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