Gluta Advance White and Firm Product Review

I’ve finally tried the rest of the products of Gluta Advance White and Firm, From the lotion down to the face cream,  Go read further and find out my verdict! I still have several beauty products lined up for review and I’m having a hard time which should go first. I decided to use the rest of this so I can test them and see if it’s effective and recommendable. LOTION The lotion is thick and a bit creamy. Smells like the soap but more fragrant. It’s not too sticky and it gives a soft feel once absorbs by the skin.  It’s got sun protection but I suggest you still use a sunscreen on top of it no matter what coz we don’t wanna risk the sun’s harmful rays.

FACE WASH I love this one coz it’s mild and doesn’t have an overpowering smell.  Kind of like Clean and Clear. It’s also non-drying. I might finish off this bottle since I’m pretty satisfied with the effect it gives on my skin.

TONER I also get to try the toner. This one  feels a bit stingy on my face. So far, my skin doesn’t have any harmful reaction to it but to be honest, I still prefer my all time favorite Dickinsons Witch Hazel toner from the Healthy Options coz it’s gentler. But if you wanna see whitening results, the toner should be a part of this ritual. and finally, the moisturizing  cream that comes with it.

 MOISTURIZER As for the face cream, I would rate it as 5 when it comes to the moisturizing part. I have really dry skin so  this one doesn’t really help with my annoying condition. Moving on to the whitening part, giving all my honest opinion, the whitening effect it promises can’t be achieved in two weeks.  Skin would lighten a bit yes, and you’d see a bit of difference, but if you want to achieve a more noticeable whitening, I suggest to use these products continuously. Don’t expect much after two weeks but make it a month and you’ll see results. Feel free to share your two cents! These products are available at all leading drugstores and supermarkets. Buy the complete skin care set for a more effective whitening!


One thought on “Gluta Advance White and Firm Product Review

  1. im using the facial toner and I love the result! been using it now for 2 weeks and it’s really good on my face… it really helps especially with my uneven skin tone.

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