BYS HD Microfinish Powder Review

Baby powders are an essential part of my beauty arsenal. I got used to putting baby powder on my face after applying my favorite foundation to eliminate the sticky feeling. When one of my American friends visited the Philippines like three or four years ago, she was curious why most of us Filipino girls love to put baby powder on our faces. I told her that since we’re born thrifty, using baby powders are more cheaper than buying makeup, especially for those who just wanna look fresh and clean.

Time to explore and try something new. Good thing BYS introduced me to something called HD microfinish powder.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of HD powders or microfinish powders. When I got this HD powder from the BYS event, I was kind of confused on how to use and where to use it. So I did a research. It is a finishing powder you put after you apply your makeup on for a more glowing, radiant look. Perhaps I can compare it with the softening tool of Photoshop. It creates a soft, glowing and flawless look without the worry of ruining your makeup. It helps keep your makeup in place for a long lasting wear.

The fine powder crumbles easily on my fingers. It’s so fine that you really have to apply just a tiny dab with the use of the powder puff coz it easily dissolves on skin. I love how it gives  that soft finish—without looking too white. I also noticed my pores become less visible and it instantly seeps in oil and moisture.  The only thing I don’t like about it is how messy it is when you apply it. I guess you may use a powder brush instead of the puff.

It’s got only one ingredient which is silica, a component being used on mineral makeups that are proven safe. the texture is somewhat similar to a cornstarch, but more finer.  I did my bit of research about the silica and found out that it’s made up of quartz dust! Which is why it’s a bit expensive.

So, I’m parking my baby powder back on my beauty shelf and use this one instead. Check out Watson’s stores and SM department stores and get one for yourself, share  your two cents and let’s chat!


Cheryl aka Anoushka


One thought on “BYS HD Microfinish Powder Review

  1. Yo lo tengo pero fotografiq demasiado feoo. Deja con el flash restos de este polvo que realmente se ve terrible!

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