Gluta Advance Skin Care: White and Firm soap review

Last Thursday was my birthday and I just went for a nail spa and attended a beauty event. No fancy parties, no birthday celebrations. To be honest, I don’t have the moolah to splurge. I’m scrimping big time!  I’m too old for parties anyway. It just dawned on me that I’m starting to get tired of a lot of things. Maybe, that’s just the way it is when you really age. You focus more on serious and relevant stuff and let go of all nonsensical things.

Since we’re talking about aging here,  I just got a package from JLC Miller last Wednesday, in the nick of time before my birthday. Funny thing is, I’m already running out of moisturizers and soaps. I don’t stock up much on skincare products. I make sure to finish one bottle or one bar at a time and then after it’s gone  that’s the only time I’ll buy. Though the shelf life on skincare lasts a whole year before it expires, I still prefer not to hoard.

Just to let you know, I’m not a fan of whitening products only because I love my skin color. Since Glutathione is one of the very popular whitening skin care solutions here in the Philippines, many women are going way overboard and spending a lot of money just to aim a fairer, whiter complexion.  A bottle of Glutathione costs more than a thousand bucks. It’s not cheap and it requires maintenance.  Also, you have to be keen on choosing brands because you dont wanna end up like that girl I saw on some TV news  who used a bottle of Glutathione promising fairer skin in just a month but only got skin allergies and weird looking red blotches.  Glutathiones are really effective, its just that you have to  know the brand first before swallowing the pill.

The good news is that you can find the Glutathione component on soaps and other beauty skincare products and almost all drugstores have them. It’s more safer and not to mention cheaper.

The Gluta Advance White and Firm caught my attention because of the following main  ingredients:




-clair blanche

-vitamin C

My main priority is achieving firm skin and glowing complexion.  This product consist of lipofirm which helps tighten the skin, L Carnitine which is popular for burning fats and Vitamin C which helps my skin nourished and healthy. A totally unique kind of soap which separates them among other brands.

The soap has a very light powdery scent. It is non drying and what surprises me is the feel of my skin afterwards. It’s smooth and has an added glow unlike before when I’m just using a mild regular soap. I also felt a little tightening of my skin which means the lipofirm is helping with the skin’s elasticity. I can always tell if the soap could be harmful for me. That is if my skin feels so dry and usually, after a day or two I would see tiny pimples on my back. If that happens, then it’s goodbye beauty soap.

I’ve only used this for three days and yet I’m already seeing a difference in my skin tone. This is just the soap mind you. I’ll be following it up using the lotion and wait after two weeks.

I’ll be blogging the rest soon. I need to do a road test on all these goodies first.

The Gluta Advance skin care is available at leading groceries, department stores and drugstores nationwide.


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