A Chunk of It all Gone

It’s always a relief how you let go of those things that’s been a part of your life. The things that you used to do, or things that’s been a comfort in your every waking life. I’m only talking about minor stuff. You know when someone tells you to be brave and get out of your comfort zone? A fact most people are afraid of risking. To just be reckless  and careless…for once.

I also wanted to practice the art of not CARING. Not caring in a sense that you ignore snide comments or remarks about you, not caring about people who pisses you off, or people who just take delight at snubbing you. Those who also belittle you because you are just this and not that, and you don’t bear the sign POPULAR or RICH and that all efforts are just wasted and not appreciated.

In order for me to start a new chapter of this book called MY LIFE, I guess I’ll make it symbolic. You may always start anytime, anyday. We are all entitled for REINVENTION. I did this the other day. By cutting my hair. You see, I’ve always worn my hair long. I did just because someone wanted me to wear it that way. I also rely on people who always commented that it suits me better having long hair. But it suddenly struck me that I have been pleasing other people but not me. My long hair has been dry and i always shed more than 70 strands of hair a day in estimation. So, with this REINVENTION thing going on in my mind, I decided to have it cut short. This time, to please MYSELF. I’m also going to try to be more QUIET on Social Media. Facebook is getting to be really crowded already and in fact,I did some cleaning up yesterday and deleted some people who I really haven’t interacted with, or those people who really don’t even know I existed! I made a pact with myself not to take shit from anybody…unless you’re my boss and you’re paying me. Or you’re someone close to my heart that I can give you the patience you deserve. But if your’e the type who don’t know how to value a person, then I’ll erase you from my life quick as lightning. This is just another on of my random thoughts. Also, tomorrow is my birthday. One of the reasons why I’m starting out all these promises for myself. I’ll be 33 and I’m not ashamed. Gosh. Time just flies so fast like a bullet train. Next thing I know, my daughters are gonna be teens and gonna have their own love life and heartaches. And I just realized I have to get really serious about LIFE. I’m such a late bloomer that most of my friends are way successful than I am. But heck, I’m HAPPY and that’s what’s important. Yours truly, Cheryl aka Anoushka


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