BYS Cosmetics Turns 2 in The Philippines

Makeups are one of the things that make me swoon with delight. Seeing them all cluttered in my makeup vanity removes all the stress I’ve had throughout the day. I’ve got some of which are half used foundations, some lippies  broken in half, and some eyeshadows. I still keep them because all these can become handy when I need to experiment. All the expired ones I throw in the garbage of course. I’ve got this Shu Uemura makeup bag that looked like a nurse bag, seriously. I store all my favorites there and for those brands that I don’t use very often I keep in a small makeup traincase.

Call me shallow but these little pleasures somehow gives color to my ever boring life. We have to admit almost 90 percent of the female population adores makeup! It’s always interesting to know a certain brand that gets a lot of attention to all female makeup junkies. As mentioned, I have heard of BYS and it’s one of the most talked-about brands in the country.

It’s a party of  models, makeup artists and bloggers all gathered to witness the new collection brought to us by the ever popular Australan makeup brand BYS.

Imagine my dreamy look and just staring at this makeup traincase that’s got loads of BYS goodies.

 All female beauty bloggers gather and tried these makeup. From the lippies down to the creamy foundation and vibrant eyeshadows.

One of the  smoothest and finest blush I’ve ever laid my hands on.  The good thing about this blush is that it’s not thick. You know how when you use  certain blush that’s got a thick powder and when put on it feels so uncomfortable?  This one is light, and it stays on for quite a long time because I tried this on my face and when I got home after a long commute,  (despite the sweat and dust ) it’s still there.

The perfect combination of colors for morena skin like me.

This one is so much similar to the Naked Palette but the only difference is the price and no fake versions.

 Nude 2

They did a demo on how to create a no-makeup makeup look through their models for fair and tan complexions.

Mr Ed Aitken, founder of BYS shared a lot of things about the new upcoming products soon to be released.

I had a chat with some of the BYS ambassadors and there were some interesting revelation about the brand. Their main concentration is quality and affordability. I also love how they’re updated with the latest trends and next thing they would launch is makeup for the brows.

With the BYS makeup Artist

BYS is available at all SM stores and Watsons. You may also like their Facebook page

and you may also follow them on Instagram BYS Philippines


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