It’s such a bad hair day

When problems try to scrape and grate your mind, depression usually follows. The unbearable load of all that ugly things that is happening, or about to happen, makes a person do crazy things and  stupid stuff. The thing I noticed between a male and a female with dealing heavy load is that the male often wants to forget and try to avoid the bull’s horn and as much as possible forget there’s even a problem exist. One thing they turn into are their buddies who would then give them a pat on the back, one case of beer (so they can drown to misery) and plan some kinky rendezvous with a slut. No generalizing here but this is in most cases. While for us females we usually just sit in a corner and cry buckets— indulging ourselves with whatever we have inside our fridge and eat fattening foods. Just some random thoughts sneaking up on my brain while waiting for fruits to fall on my mouth. Since I’m very much bored and can’t think of anything to do, let me  just share  what outfit I wore last week during the Dolfenal event.

I attempted to look decent enough. As much as possible, I don’t wear makeup because too much of that stuff  can make you look twice your age. I only used my reliable Lucente Magique from Loreal and a lipbalm. My hair is just so messy that I really ought to cut it don’t you think? Maybe next month on my birthday I should really do a makeover. Haircut. Nails. Replenish outfits. Oh and shoes too.

I love Vyne Tapas Bar and Restaurant! Whoever did the designs on their walls is just awesome! It’s got that artist feel on it and look at those pink chairs outside—with a nice view of Bonifacio Global City. The green bermuda grass is not real but it definitely added a nice touch to it.  Perfect for OOTDs.

Moving on to my outfits. I wore this black plain shirt from Zara and the polka dot shorts actually came from my old jumper worn by the model I styled 2 years ago. I turned it into a cute shorts instead coz I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something not appropriate for my age.

I don’t throw away clothes and as much as possible I try to transform it into something wearable. Thrifty mom remember?  I suddenly miss styling models again.

This shoes aren’t  mine. I borrowed it from my eldest daughter Zoey.  She’s got big feet at the age of 10.  I’ve been eyeing her cool shoes that I actually begged her for it.  I love the beaded skull design. Rockstar peg!

Polka dot bag from F&X and watch by Jeremy Scott for Swatch

Wonder why my pose looks this way? I’m holding a fart. No kidding. I ate a lot of the food they served there at Vyne, plus the load of candies and desserts they served added to the dilemma I’m having. Good thing I was able to hold it in or else…KABOOM.

After a few minutes of sitting and chatting with other fellow bloggers, the feeling subsided thank goodness!

Next month is gonna be a busy month for me. Hopefully I won’t be having another blogging hiatus attack. I will try and make an effort to share whatever it is that’s worth sharing here in my blog.


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