Things that BUGS me

My plate is full for the coming days. I’ve been getting a lot of invitations from different brands and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed, plus the fact that I’ll be starting another new job next month are just some of the things I am truly grateful for.  Behind all these awaits one challenging event that would test my love for someone, my patience, and my strategic planning and coping skills. God indeed works in wondrous ways that I still can’t understand.  It is something that I’m quite scared of. One thing I’m not good at is making the right decisions.

With all these running crazily in my mind, I try to distract myself with….of course what else?


These are the colored versions of the Polaroid photos I posted previously. Awful photos are my specialty. I’ve got these mini mosquito bites on my legs from the cleaning  I did that same day. These bad-ass mosquitoes seem to love the smell of my blood that everywhere I go, they’re making a meal on my arms and legs.  It’s like they love to camp out on my skin!  I researched about it and found out that it somehow depends on the blood type. So, a certain blood type is more appetizing to them than other blood types, but I’ve no idea what type it is. Too bad I forgot to put on Human Nature Citronella Bug Spray—the only product that really helps keep  mosquitoes away because of it’s citrus scent.

Anyway, I’ve got another thing that’s BUGGING me. It’s this thing when you try to upload an image here in WordPress. I keep on getting a lot of errors and some of the images are not being uploaded forcing me to use an image sharing platform and just copy the image url from it.  Not sure if this is an indication that I’ve reached the storage limit on this blog and  I have to get my own domain for more storage space?  Phew!

I can’t wait for the opening of H&M and Pull&Bear at the Mega Fashion Hall. I’m keeping tabs on all the updates. In fact, H%M have this contest going on and I’m tempted to join. I just hope I can BUG Lance into taking photos of me haha.



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