The Late Bloomer


Being a late bloomer has it’s own perks. You act young, you’ll definitely feel and look young. I fancy this favorite rhyme  “Do not often frown or squint, or else you’ll get crows feet.” There’s even a beauty advice I saw from a beauty book that you shouldn’t drink using a straw coz it stretches out your mouth. Whatever.

I always tell myself that there’s nothing wrong with living a carefree life once in a while. I’m the type who do not take life too seriously. I bear the saying YOLO  (You only Live Once.) I make sure to surround myself with beautiful, and young people. I make friends with those who have  positive vibes among them. I steer clear of the negatrons because when you associate yourself with these kinds of people, they easily seeps the energy out of you. And I believe that can also cause a lot of stress and you definitely don’t want that or else you’ll look twice your age.

Just saying.

So since I feel young, why not act like one? Just for a day?




I feel like a teen wearing this floral printed dress courtesy of Twenteen. I decided to pair this with my wedge sneakers I bought from The Ramp instead of heels or flats since I need all the comfort from walking in this scorching heat and I have a lot of places to go.


This was one of my lucky days ever. Blessings are often disguised by obstacles. Sometimes we just need to look at it on a different angle, A lot of challenges were thrown upon me but I always tell myself the fact that I’m still breathing and have something to eat proves that LIFE is not cruel and GOD is with me every step of the way. They say that we should count our blessings, but do we really have to keep tabs on how many we get in a year? Blessings are endless. We don’t have to count them, neither misfortunes. Because both are  part of our lives and that’s just the way it is. No man lived here on earth with only blessings and good luck. We need challenges because we learn from it.

A new chapter of my life UNFOLDS. I hope this time, it’s for the better…and for keeps.

By the way, check out Twenteen  on Facebook and visit their WEBSITE

They’re also available at ZALORA


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