Spreading Good Vibes with Dolfenal

Two things that’s always been a part of my life.

Migraines and Dysmenorrhea.

Imagine dealing with these every month. Some people don’t understand this especially men. I always get cranky every time i’m struggling with both at the same time.  I hate having this when I’m at work coz you end up not being productive. Sometimes these can last up to two to three days and I can’t just ignore it so I really have to take meds to ease the pain. Just to let you understand why we women are going through with this every month, our period pain is actually caused by the contractions of our uterus and our blood vessels are being compressed resulting to discomfort. I once fainted while I’m off to work. I was riding the elevator along with my office mates and was quiet in one corner  trying to cope with the excruciating pain in my belly. So I was there leaning on the elevator wall and after a few seconds, I just can’t bear with the pain anymore and next thing happened, I literally fainted right then and there. My colleagues  brought me to the clinic and the nurse gave me a pain reliever. After 30 minutes, the pain was totally gone. I asked her what pain reliever she gave me and she said it’s Dolfenal.


It's derfinitely #LagingGoodVibes with Dolfenal

It's derfinitely #LagingGoodVibes with Dolfenal

I was not surprised because I’ve been using Dolfenal for my migraines and toothaches ever since but had no idea that it can also relieve Dysmenorrhea. Thankfully, I found another brand of medicine I can really trust and rely on.  I won’t have to worry about any types of pain because I know that Dolfenal can take care of all these annoying discomforts and will always be there for me to give me good vibes throughout the day!

Last Monday, I actually had another migraine attack and took a 250 mg tablet of Dolfenal so I can attend an event without having to deal with any discomforts and preventing it from ruining my day. Surprisingly, I got this invitation from Dolfenal to attend their event and witness the launch of their #LagingGoodVibes campaign.

It's derfinitely #LagingGoodVibes with Dolfenal

The day was filled with fun and activities that involves watching a band sing along with the other bloggers who were brave enough to show their talents.

It's derfinitely #LagingGoodVibes with Dolfenal

It's derfinitely #LagingGoodVibes with Dolfenal

It's derfinitely #LagingGoodVibes with Dolfenal

Art Wall 

There was also a game of eating doughnuts without using your hands.

As for me, I entertained myself with sweets—stuffing candies and chocolates in my mouth.

Little colorful candies, gumballs, gummy worms and gummy bears. Pixie sticks, lollies, Skittles, marshmallows and Hershey’s Kisses and a lot of other candies making our mouths water. 

Design your own cupcakes!

It's derfinitely #LagingGoodVibes with Dolfenal

My eyes are popping hearts from all the fancy decorations.

Good vibes messages on our glass of iced tea!

Our host for the day

media and bloggers

Petra Mahalimuyak


Initially launched through Dolfenal’s social media assets, the  #LagingGoodVibes webisodes feature funny man Ramon Bautista and Youtube sensation and actress Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak.

The campaign kicked off with Rivera’s “How to Dance While in Pain” video. This was followed by the Good Vibes vs. Bad Vibes mash-up video featuring Rivera and Bautista dancing while in pain from dysmenorrhea, migraine, and toothache then transitioning to a good vibes dance.




The most recent video launched is another one of Ashley’s How To Videos – “How to Take a Selfie while in Pain.” Since its launch, these videos have garnered over 10,000 views with favorable reviews.




“Our continuing objective for this campaign is to empower our customers to enjoy life. Dolfenal is a mefenamic acid painkiller for users to expect relief from pain caused by dysmenorrhea, migraine, and toothache. With Dolfenal, you get rid of the bad vibes para #LagingGoodVibes,” shared Hector Pagalilauan, Marketing Director.

To celebrate the campaign, guests were invited to an afternoon of fun and good vibes with free flowing candy care of Dolfenal’s Candy Bar, and through different activities tackling the three pains Dolfenal targets – Dysmenorrhea, Toothache and Migraine.

Guests also met Dolfenal influencer Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak who led a dance session on “How to Dance with Dysmenorrhea,” featured on her first “How To” webisode. Other fun activities included a Donut Eating contest and an hour of singing with a live acoustic band to showcase the fun to be had when free from the pains of toothache and migraine.


Dolfenal 250 mg tablet is available for only P12/capsule through leading drugstores nationwide. You can also ask your doctor about it. Uminom ng Dolfenal para #LagingGoodVibes


To know more about how to get Laging Good Vibes with Dolfenal and view the Bad Vibes vs. Good Vibes videos, check out Doflenal’s webisodes by liking us on https://www.facebook.com/dolfenal

or visiting our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/dolfenalphilippines

and follow us on https://twitter.com/dolfenalph.


Check out this hilarious video from Ramon Bautista and Petra Mahalimuyak.



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