Mooncake Madness at Vikings Luxury Buffet

It’s the Mid Autumn Festival celebration and we’ve been seeing a lot of Mooncakes everywhere!

I’m actually used to having just the regular traditional mooncakes being sold in supermarkets. It isn’t really a must every year for our family. I would only buy a box if my kids requested for it.  I’m your typical mom who always make sure that we have enough to cover for our usual one month supply of food, and it’s always the basic needs that goes first in my grocery list. The kind of mooncake we buy at groceries are the typical round ones with a flower stamping and a Chinese letter or symbol on top that only costs 200 per box. I really don’t find anything special about it and my idea of a mooncake is just the one similar to a hopia.

Well today, I was given an opportunity to try out  a variety of mooncakes.  I’m very grateful for the invitation I got from Vikings Luxury Buffet to try them out and this is the first time I joined a Mooncake Festival along with the food bloggers.


I actually prepared myself for this. I decided to have a light lunch before leaving the house. I know I’d be in for a lot of mooncake tasting and knowing Vikings…it’s always a FEAST!

Twinnings tea perfect for moocakes.

We were served the first set of mooncakes under Hot Dishes based on their menu.

mooncakefestival (2)

 Beef Bourguignon Mooncake with Choron Sauce and Minced goat cheese Mooncake with Mango Coulis 

Minced goat cheese Mooncake with Mango Coulis 

I tried the small one first the fact that it doesn’t look threatening to eat which is just perfect for this whole tasting thing. I was not surprised with how good it tastes, knowing that I love any food that’s got cheese in it—especially goat cheese. The Mango Coulis added a bit of sweetness to it that makes for a good combination which really suits my palate.

Beef Bourguignon Mooncake with Choron Sauce.

The top layer of this Beef Bourguignon is very crusty, while the inner filling is firm. The flavors of the red bean is very distinguishable plus the beef is so flavorful  This is perfect if you’re really hungry coz having one is enough to make you feel full. To be honest, my tummy is happy already but this is only the first set!

Mooncake Madness at Vikings Luxury Buffet

Asado Mooncake and the Crusty Shrimp Cheese Mooncake

Now for the second set of mooncakes, we have the Asado Mooncake and the Crusty Shrimp Cheese Mooncake

Crusty Shrimp Cheese Mooncake

This is one of their extraordinary mooncake because the crunchy outer layer resembles that of a cream puff. It has an unpredictable taste. Creamy cheese with a hint of shrimp that really tickles my tongue. Surprisingly, my demanding appetite craves for more and I am pretty sure that I won’t have to eat dinner later.  You can order this for your kids which is perfect for a light snack .

Asado Mooncake

One of my best recommended mooncakes at Vikings!  This is my kind of mooncake where it gives the most intimate burst of flavor I’ve ever tasted.  It has the right amount of sweetness and saltiness of the asado.

Mooncake Madness at Vikings Luxury Buffet

Mooncake Madness at Vikings Luxury Buffet

 Salted Lotus Mooncake

Salted Lotus Mooncake

Ok so I’ devoured three and a half mooncakes in total. Do I still have space for this big Salted Lotus Mooncake?  The answer is definitely YES.  I chose the one with the flower crust on top, I only ate a half slice because this is surely gonna cause me to stare into space once more (that’s how I am when I just had a very hearty and heavy meal). One thing I noticed is that it’s not too moist compared with the first two I’ve tried. I cannot distinguish the lotus seeds as well or maybe it doesn’t have lotus seeds? I’m just assuming given it’s name. As for the salted part? it’s definitely salty and sweet at the same time.

Mooncake Madness at Vikings Luxury Buffet

The Traditional Mooncake

The original, traditional mooncake we usually see in groceries and Chinese Restaurants. But this one separates among those sold commercially. The usual basic ingredients consists of red beans lotus seeds and fresh egg yolks but Vikings made sure that they incorporate their own recipe creating a unique classic taste that can only be found in Vikings.

With me having a sweet tooth, the last set of mooncakes made me so happy! With it’s super sinful, delectable work-of-art mooncakes, it makes you want to just stare at them and not eat.  This is in fact the highlight of my whole mooncake tasting experience.

Instagram photo

Wild Berry Cheese Mooncake and Choco Trifle Mooncake

As mentioned above, these are the highlights of my day. I love the sweet taste and the surprise it gives after taking a bite. It’s definitely a comfort food. Having a bite will instantly make you happy, coz you can just imagine my millimeter smile pasted on my face. I really savored the taste of these cute baby mooncakes. I’m actually looking at my fellow bloggers’ plates and kind of hoping they don’t like it so I can eat them instead, but all plates are wiped clean.

Now I would definitely eat mooncakes this weekend at their SM Mall of Asia branch coz it’s near our place. I’ll have my kids taste them too!

This is the perfect month to treat your family at Vikings Lucury Buffet! You must try their delicious traditional and non-traditional mooncakes served every weekends!

photo credits from Rochkristin

Eat like a Viking and visit Vikings Luxury Buffet at the following branches:

By the Bay, SM Mall of Asia

Bldg. B, By the Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888
SM Megamall

4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Bldg. D, SM Megamall, Julio Vargas
cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong, Philippines

656-3888, 656-4888, 656-5888

SM Mariikina

2nd Floor, SM City Marikina, Kalumpang, Marikina City

570-3888, 570-4888, 570-5888

SM North Edsa

4th Floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City

376-3888, 376-4888

Soon to open

SM Aura

Jazz Mall


Visit Vikings Luxury Buffet

Like their Facebook page Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant


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