My Photodiary: Holga 135 BC using regular film

I haven’t shared with you my scanned photos using my Holga 135 BC. I purchased  2 films and I used a regular one for these photos.

These sets of photos are all experimental and I’m still learning the ropes on how to create brilliant multi-exposure shots and some artistic vignette shots. So far, here’s what I’ve come up with. A lot of shots were wasted after developing the two scrolls of film but I am completely satisfied nevertheless! You cannot make a perfect outcome without a few errors. That’s just how I like it.  Unpredictable images  after the developing process are just one of those that I look forward to.

Holga 135 BC

entrance to the parking lot near Holiday Inn, Glorietta

Holga 135 BC

 random street

Holga 135 BCunfinished building near Holiday Inn

Holga 135 BC

Holga 135 BC

Holga 135 BC

Savannah’s bicycle 




Zo at McDonalds, Tagaytay


Zoey at Summit Ridge, Tagaytay


Over the balcony of Summit Ridge Condominium, Tagaytay

My multi exposures are over exposed! Creating  overlap images that is so much like the 80’s!

Holga 135 BC

The Village at the back of Summit ridge Condominium in Tagaytay


Tagaytay highway

Holga 135 BC

Near Days Hotel

Holga 135 BC

View from the entrance of Days Hotel


Taal Lake

Holga 135 BC

Holga 135 BC

Holga 135 BC

Zo at Mcdonalds

Holga 135 BC

Only half of this roll got developed and the rest were all blurry and over exposed. I plan to try out the Lomo LC -A+ or maybe Diana, as soon as I have the budget, Will finally consider putting this back on it’s case first and explore other disposables.


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