An Interesting chat with Acupuncturist Dr. Philip Nino Tan Gatue

The thing I love about blogging is you get to meet a lot of interesting people, Remember when I did a feature of these group of Paranormal Investigators? I had the most memorable experience and learned a lot from them about paranormal occurrences and the types of haunting.

This time, I get to meet one of the best known Acupuncturist in the Philippines Dr.Philip Nino Tan Gatue.

Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue, is one of the leading experts ins Traditional Medicine and Chinese Medicine here in the Philippines. He’s also a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of The Philippines College of Medicine and is Director of Acupuncture Services at The Medical City. After graduating  from the Integrated Liberal Arts and Medicine (INTARMED) Program of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, Doc Philip (as he is fondly called) took an interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He has travelled to China and the US in search for training and knowledge. -

We talked about the basic knowledge and benefits of Acupuncture and it’s origins. He gave us some insights on his own experiences dealing with patients who have seek treatments from him. It’s interesting to know that it’s one of the best known alternative medicine that actually provides therapeutic benefits. A lot of patients who are  undergoing Chemotherapy often consults him since most of these patients suffer from nausea caused by the painful procedure of the chemo. Acupuncture also helps cure sleeping disorders and migraines, which, I am currently suffering in.

When you hear the word Acupuncture, your instant thought is pain and needles. Just looking at a person with a lot of needles poking out from his/her body is morbid and scary. With an open mind and broader knowledge of it, you will get to understand about the benefits behind it.

First thing to find out is how is it being done? Is it painful? And is it true that you won’t be able to move because of the pain?


it’s an alternative medicine that involves pricking the skin or tissues with sterilized needles. It is used to help alleviate pain and treat various medical and physical conditions such as sleep disorder, migraines, or other chronic illness.


First, you will have to undergo assessment with Dr. Phil and he will have to find out your health history. This is required in order for him to prepare you for a treatment plan and address your common need.

Now after the assessment, we  begin with the acupuncture treatment. You lay comfortably on the bed while Dr. Phil examines and feel each pressure points before sticking the sterilized needles. This could take around 15-30 minutes depending on the treatment recommended for you.

To be honest, my mind is battling over two decisions. One is whether or not I can take the challenge of being poked by needles in exchange for my migraine cure, or second is if I can just forget about trying out this treatment and settle for popping Saridon every time I get a migraine trigger.

Pain is such a scary word  for me. I would avoid it as much as possible. Giving birth to my two daughters has caused me unbearable agony that I thought I won’t be able to make it.  But come to think of it, If I was able to survive giving birth twice, this should be a piece of cake.

 An Interesting chat with Acupuncturist Dr. Philip Nino Tan Gatue

 at Con Gusto, Molito, Alabang


photo courtesy of Kathy Kenny of Life is Kulayful 

 I’m giving myself one week to think it over and I’ll set up an appointment with Dr. Phil.

Oh by the way, he’s also an Otaku doctor. Surprisingly, Lance and him had a long chat about guess what? not Acupuncture, but Rorouni Kenshin and other Super Sentai related stuff. After the dinner the two of them were talking about Otaku stuff that I totally cannot relate on. So I just lingered there waiting for them to finish the conversation. He’s such a cool doctor.

To know more about Dr Philip Nino Tan Gatue and where you can get his consultation, here’s a list of his clinics:

Quezon City
97 Maginhawa Street
Teachers’ Village East
Telephone: 9217649Manila
Room 208 Faculty Medical Arts Building University Physicians Medical Center
Philippine General Hospital Compound, Taft Avenue
Telephone:7080000 local 160

Bonifacio Global City
Mezzanine, Riovana, Active Fun Building
9th Avenue corner 28th Street
BGC, Taguig
Telephone: 4789408 or mobile +639163534485

Pasig City
Center for Wellness and Aesthetics
6th Floor, The Medical City
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Telephone: 6356789 ext 6576

You may like his Facebook Page Dr. Philip Nino Tan Gatue

I will definitely share my experience as soon as I made my decision. Hope I won’t chicken out.


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