Francophilia and Nostalgia


Francophilia/Francophile. An apt term I use for myself whenever I see something that can be related to anything french. If there’s  one thing I would want to visit, it’s definitely France.  And if I’ll be given a chance to live there? I’ll be like “Oh I am so darn lucky I own the world now “. It’s this undying fascination for their culture that gives me so much inspiration to dress the way they are (or at least trying to be.) I love how they make a simple outfit look really chic. They do not normally follow the frequent fads and there’s always that tres chic vibe going on among all women there. A woman sporting out an all-black jumpsuit and yet looks stunning when paired with boots and a wide brimmed hat ala Yves Saint Laurent. And then there’s also the many sights of women  wearing mens brogues paired with socks and a circle skirt trailing down dogs along cobblestone streets.  They’re also not a fan of  accessorizing too much.  Minimalist sartorial choices like a gold watch and a simple elegant bracelet is what makes up for the whole outfit.

It’s actually not just the fashion.It’s like they breathe style on a daily basis. From their delectable cuisine, their art, their language and culture—everything is made in style.

Lately, I am ditching some of my clothes and old accessories and I am planning to keep only those that are worth keeping. I decided that from now on, I will make sure to dress comfortably and accessories are not gonna be on my list. I never wore them anyway coz most of them are the fake ones you buy at  Forever 21  or SM department store which only makes my skin itch.

The plaid shirt I’m wearing here is one of my basic staples in my closet. I’ve had this for two years and I still use it. A couple of blacks and basic tees  like white shirts over a chic blazer and black trouser pants are still my go-to if I have an interview or during power dressing every Monday.



lomo photos (soft glow)

I just had an awesome dinner last night with an Acupuncturist at Molito in Alabang. We just discussed some things about Acupuncture and it’s benefits. I will be sharing what we’ve talked about though we have touched some complex topics that are hard to deduce. Probably since I don’t know a thing or two about anything related to medical. The only thing I want to find out is if Acupuncture can really solve this frequent migraines I have. This migraine of mine is not a joke. I have the tendency to throw up and just lie in bed for a maximum of three days, so it’s really interesting to know that Acupuncture can cure or help ease head-splitting migraines.


Molito Complex, Alabang

Sometimes I wish that life was like the 70’s or 80’s where everything is just so simple. Back in those days my parents seem to be happy and content  playing Bingo every afternoons and watching Love Boat during the evenings, while we kids play hide and seek around the house, or spend the night playing Scrabbles with our yayas. But now, we often spend  time glued on our phones and play games or socialize via social networking platforms—same for the kids. The Internet has made a tremendous impact in our lives that we cannot function without it. Technologies upgrade with a blink of an eye. People so afraid of being seen using cheap android phones that it has to be Iphone or else society won’t accept them. Crazy right? I’d give anything just to be warped back in time. I get to choose which year I wanna go back, if that’s possible.

Anyways, I’m feeling nostalgic right now.

But still, I wanna go to France. Am I making any sense here?


Cheryl aka Anoushka


16 thoughts on “Francophilia and Nostalgia

  1. Oh, so that’s what the word means! I haven’t heard of it before. I need to purge my closet na rin; I’ve got so much stuff I don’t use! And that plaid shirt of yours? You should definitely keep it!

  2. I hope acupuncture heals your migraine.. I had an attack a few weeks ago and I was dysfunctional for 3 days too 😦

    in terms of phones naman, I am afraid to be seen using the usual phone brand (aka iphone or samsung) hahaha

  3. Looking back, it makes us think how we managed to function without the internet. I like being online though, but I don’t let it consume me too much. I’m also a fan of anything French, though going to France always seems like a distant dream. Perhaps when my son is older and when our finances are more stable. Hope you get to visit France soon!

  4. You know, I really love to travel too it’s just that we have some priorities now. hehehe. Anyway, I agree that women in france are really fashionable. Back in the days when I was feeling fashionista, I have always been looking in and most of them are from France. They also have nice places to take OOTD’s shot. =)

  5. Nice – I’m not really a Francophile though – but I’d surely love to travel all corners of the world. Hahaha! And yes, maganda nga i-go back in time but I’m also scared of the wars and all. I think being where we are is also great, in a way. 🙂

  6. France!!! I always dream of being there. Aside of being the most romantic place in the world, I believe they also have nice places to go to. Hope to visit one day! ❤

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