Back to the 90’s


90’s fashion was one of my most styles I quite dig aside from the 80’s. I was not successful in channeling Cindy Lauper during my elementary days. The thing with Cindy Lauper is the makeup overload and the too thick eyebrows that I wouldn’t be caught dead sporting on. Denim vests are a big hit and easy to inject in our everyday sartorial choices. Some styles may look tacky but it’s just the art of mix and matching.


photo from

For the denim vest I had, I decided to just top it over a blue printed sleeveless top  and my usual outfit of denim shorts. This shorts is one of my used and abused.


camera phone pictures



Polyvore sets

I suck at taking photos. I’m not a fan of SLR’s and I honestly prefer my photos looking old, like the vignette type or multi- exposed ones. I have my lomo cam already but I plan to purchase a film SLR camera. It’s hard to learn film from digital.And I guess more expensive. With digital, a few tweaks of editing in Photoshop and your photos would look great. But with film, it’s always unpredictable. You also have to learn mixing the right hues and colors with using the darkroom. I’ve got a handful of blogs I follow that lean towards film photography and vintage art. it’s always amazing too look at the photos.

This is not a FASHION post. Yeah right.

Speaking of 90’s, I miss All Boxed Up or ABU. It’s this store in Quad (known now as Glorietta) where they sell cute shirts, boxers and socks packaged in a cute box, if my memory serves me right. I hope they can bring it back. Brings me back down memory lane.

I’m writing this while reading some blogger bashing issues currently becoming viral in the blogosphere. Oh well. Sometimes you really have to be careful who you deal with. I’m talking about this in general. I’m now kind of missing my old shell and to be honest, it’s nice to crawl back in my own comfortable hole and be protected by the cruelties of the world.

Ok. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Ooooom.

Om Shanti.


15 thoughts on “Back to the 90’s

  1. I love the 90’s, specially yung mga usong dance. I felt very nostalgic reading your post. Love the vest on you! I love oldies too. Sabi ng Hubby “lumang tao” daw ako. haha The best talaga ang 90’s!

  2. Oh my, the 90s! Though I’m much more of a fan of the music than the fashion of the era. As for buying a film camera, go to Hidalgo! If you get lucky you might find a film SLR for a steal. I bought myself one for my birthday a few years ago and I love it – my husband managed to haggle with the vendor to get to a reasonable price 🙂

  3. Sabi nga sa isang show, I forgot example to title, 90s is the decade that connected us all. I was born in the 80s but it was the 90s that I already know what’s going on around me so I think this is my decade too.

    1. Im not a fan of dslr kasi. Im into vintage stuff. My husband is a photographer so I see him always lugging big cameras along with his extra lens and stuff and its such a hassle. I want the film ones. Like the Leica or those vintagw cameras you see on tumblr? Thanls for bisiting my blog :mrgreen:

  4. I’ve never been much for dressing up – I think most of the 90s just saw me in oversize shirts and jeans. but one thing I really love about the 90s is the music–grunge, alternative rock, the birth and growth of the eraserheads and other bands – the best! up to now dami 90s music sa playlist ko 🙂

  5. Ganda ng songs ng 90’s. Songs ngayon you can’t really sing along with. I still have a denim vest, it’s reversible with plaid on the other side. I don’t know if I should give it away or keep it.

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