Don Henrico’s: Italian Pizza made in the Philippines

I’ve  been clueless for years thinking this pizza place was a franchise from another country (yes,that clueless) Don Henrico’s is a very popular pizza restaurant here in the Philippines and has been functioning since the 90’s. Don Henrico’s is totally different from other pizza place out there because of it’s Italian food with a Filipino twist.

So, I’d be spilling the juicy beans why it’s been a hit among Filipino families, starting with its history.


Don Hen, as most of the people calls him,  opened up his first branch along Session Road in Baguio back in 1993, hoping to create something that would click with the University students in the city. However, the food,  especially the pizza,  became an instant hit not only among students, but also among families in Baguio and tourists as well. Word spread and it instantly became famous that he decided to open its first branch in Metro Manila.

Surprise Surprise. Yes, Don Henrico’s Pizza came all the way from Baguio (at least to those who don’t know yet, including me.)


I was one of the lucky writers to try and taste their ever famous specialties. One thing I noticed is the humongous serving on each plate. There are just enough for three people.


Summer Salad 

For starters, we were served the Summer Salad which is a combination of three crisp lettuce with mango, grapes, kiwi, mandarin oranges and walnut; served with vinaigrette dressing. I took this opportunity to gorge myself on fresh greens and fruits.  The explosive fresh burst of juiciness coming from the fruits are hard to resist.


Tutto De Mare Pasta 

Shrimps and squid cooked in flavorful marinara sauce with garlic, chili, tomatoes and selected herbs smothered over linguine noodles. I got about three forkfuls and to be honest, I’m halfway full already. It’s very delicious and not too salty.


XO Seafood Pasta

They have this in oil based, for those who are not a fan of tomatoes. I love this better than the Tutto De Mare. It’s very flavorful and remotely healthy. I was able to finish this plate, down to scraping it bare with the use of the garlic bread.  I’m downright full. But hello…there’s more!


The famous Chicken ala Buffalo 

Ok. I’m gonna title this one as “the-chicken-that-made-me-forget-about-diet” . Seriously! This is the traditionally upstate New York style tender pieces of chicken marinated, cooked and coated with tangible BBQ sauce. The best part I love about this chicken is the crispness.I took my time to really savor the goodness of it that I almost forgot about the pizza. It’s tender white meat is so flavorful and the aroma of the BBQ  just makes you want to request for a cup of rice.


Screaming hot

And now, this meal wouldn’t be complete without the bestselling pizza in history.


Don Henrico’s Supreme Pizzza

Their signature creation. Pepperoni, beef, ham, mushroom, pineapple tidbits, onions, bell pepper and black olives, homemade ricotta cheese and tasty cheese served with red sauce.

Pizzas are one of those food I eat when my spirits aren’t high. It belongs to my ‘pick-me-upper food” category. So, for me, a pizza says a lot of things about the maker. First thing I look in a pizza is the dough. How crusty and soft the dough is, the ingredients just follows. You can’t have an awesome pizza if the dough is as stiff as a cardboard.

This pizza really passed my evaluation. Actually, I gave it Exceed Expectation as its highest score. It’s ingredients may look ordinary to you but the taste having it’s secret recipe makes you want to grab another slice and finish the whole pan!


The Seafood Romano Pizza

This is a combination of marinated shrimp and squid spread on green and red bell pepper with evenly reached mozarella cheeses over a unique mixture of pizza and pesto sauce with chopped parsley.

My love of seafood made me grab another slice of this even after having two slices of the Supreme.  Call me a glutton but that’s why this is called a food review right? You have to really dig on it and taste each food served in front of you. One thing the managers love about food reviewers are appreciating what they offered you. And here I am more than appreciating! Their pizzas are to die for. Dough is super soft, that melt-in-your-mouth cheese and the very flavorful ingredients of the seafood will surely make you want to order another pan. It’s not greasy also. I’m not sure what kind of oil they used for their pizza but I’m guessing it’s the healthy kind. Maybe sunflower oil since most Italian pizzas used it coz they say it allows the tomatoes and the mozarella cheese flavors to really come out, just like Pizzeria Da Michele? Well, no sense figuring it out since I don’t even know how to make my own pizza.

Ok so moving on, here’s my favorite part and the most awaiting part of this whole food tasting event. the desserts!


2014-08-06 04.52.56 1


Salted caramel chocolate cake

(moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and covered with salted caramel buttercream. Perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness.)


Red velvet cake 

(velvety smooth chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting)


Toblerone cheesecake


Choclate Nirvana cake 

(moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache layers topped with dark ganache frosting)

I tasted each slice. My belly is furiously saying NO but my sweet tooth just aches for MORE. Each bite is heaven.

More reasons to love Don Henrico’s 

An eating atmosphere is one of the things customers consider when dining at a restaurant. Yes, there’s the good food, but without a comfortable and relaxing ambience, people will probably prefer to take out food instead. At Don Henrico’s, the lighting is soft, enabling people to relax throughout their meals. The seats are also comfortable to sit on. It’s like having a meal at one’s own home.

2014-08-06 04.52.18 2





The great thing about Don Henrico is that you can also hold your meetings and functions here while paying only for the food. In other restaurants, they would also have to pay for the room and electricity on an hourly basis.

So what more can you ask for. Great food. Great ambiance. A chance to be with your friends and family. More value for your money.


With the managers (Mr Noel Santos, Operations Manager and Mr. Anthony Mercado, Business Development and Corporate Marketing Manager) and writers.

Soon to launched…4XL Pizza!

The fact that they already have bigger-than-usual-pizzas. They continue too keep on offering BIGGER than usual size of pizza and maintain the image of BIG SERVINGS for a GREAT SAVINGS.

they will be offering the 30 inches in diameter pizza with special feature of FOUR FLAVORS IN ONE. It’s super big and meant for gatherings and party huge enough to satisfy any hungry giant.

You may visist Don Henrico’s at the following branches:

Session Road Baguio     
G/F Puso ng Baguio Bldg.,Session Road, Baguio City
Tel.Nos: (074) 442-8802 ; 444-3600

Sm City Baguio            
Lower Ground Floor, SM City Baguio
Tel.Nos.: (074) 619-7808

JPL Bldg. Roxas Blvd cor. Pedro Gil St. Malate, Manila
Tel. Nos.: 524-9134 ; 524-9141

2nd Level near Bridgeway Entrance, Filinvest Festival Supermall
Tel Nos.: 850-3915 to 17

West Avenue     
West Avenue cor. Examiner St., Quezon City
Tel. Nos.: 371-7171 ; 372-7272 ; 372-3777

Mall of Asia
Ground Level of South Entertainment Mall, Mall Of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Tel. Nos: 556-2848 ; 556- 2904

Glorietta 1
2nd Floor, Glorietta Mall Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. Nos: 511-1542; 511-8196

2ND Floor, Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Tel. Nos.: 571-3911 ; 571-3912

Tomas Morato
Toledo Building, Tomas Morato Avenue cor Sct. Limbaga St., Quezon City
Tel. Nos: 332-2201 ; 332-2254

Sta. Lucia           
The Brick Road, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal
Tel. No.: 681-5242 ; 682-7095

You may visit their Facebook Page

Don Henricos

and visit their website 


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