All them Cats and Hello Kitty is not a cat?

Kids and cats both became my relaxing pill for the past few weeks. My kids can’t get enough of our cats that I’m seeing a few strays of cat hairs in their uniforms. I told them I’m fine with a handful of kittens as long as they know how to clean their mess, poop and all. Cute as they are but if the stink gets to my nose I forget the cuteness part. The thing that amazes me is how they make an angry person turn into a smiling one. Like yesterday, I was really mad because of all the mess in our room and I have to clean it all by myself. Then Savannah went up to me holding Butter in her arms without saying anything. Just looking at both of them tickles my heart.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about cats, and this “breaking” news about Hello Kitty not being a cat. Yes, it’s the new viral thing going on. Stating the obvious, cats looked like one with pointy ears and whiskers. But isn’t Hello Kitty fit that description? Sanrio says she’s a little girl who happens to be born in Southern England and here I am thinking she was born and bred in Japan! A lot of things I didn’t know. Funny thing is, why do they have to announce it just now? Maybe for publicity? Why not publish Hello Kitty storybook back in the 70’s, highlighting the FACT that she is neither a cat, nor a human, and that she is a product of Anthropomorphism. It’s not like it’s a big deal because I was never a Hello Kitty fan when I was a kid. I adore Kerokerokeroppi and I prefer frogs over cats coz Keroppi looks really cute with his  blushing frog face. He’s got his own bio too. So it’s not just Hello Kitty who owns the limelight but she’s sharing it among the other characters we see at the Gift Gate store.


 I love these moving pictures from Tumblr that I plan to insert them in some of my posts. Too cute haha.

Ok back to the real CATS.  This is what I would rather dig. The real breathing ones. The cat that’s got a mouth to meow. I just don’t get why Hello Kitty doesn’t have one. But when you’re gonna watch the cartoon version she’s actually talking and she’s got this line for a mouth. Maybe it’s just the stuff toys that they don’t bother putting one. I know I can’t get over this news and I keep on coming back to that topic (facepalm!)

 These are my kids current Hello Kitties at home.


Introducing Butter

 She’s the most behave cat I’ve ever known. She mostly just sits very still and loves looking around. When you try to hold her she will just look up at you and settle herself comfortably on your lap and sleep.







Butter and her siblings

 We have a total of 6 cats including their mother keira. The eldest is Butter and she got twin sisters named Winnie and Twinnie.  I haven’t asked my kids the names of the other two.

I need all these kitties to at least make me forget about the dark storm that’s looming in my horizon. I am about to be stuck in yet another difficult situation and I’ve got no definite plan for it. It’s like I’m waiting for a death sentence. No exaggerations. I feel really helpless and my past two years has never been roses and chocolates. Why oh why? Good karma, are you just around the corner? I just hope you’re not playing hide and seek with me because I’m tired of playing.

I’m about to say goodbye to a very important person in my LIFE. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen. But I have a very bad feeling it will soon HAPPEN.


I hope Brahma Baba will guide me on this. I’ve been such a self-absorbed person lately and it’s becoming really disturbing. This is me along with my bundle of issues.

It’s really making me dizzy.


Getting sidetracked once more.


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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