What’s Up with Blogosphere lately?

Blogging should be a fun activity. I am happy whenever I blog. This is my outlet whenever I’m feeling low and whenever I don’t have anything to do but gobble on some fattening food.  I consider myself NEW in the blogosphere. If you notice I don’t really care much about what I post, as long as it’s a post that I am totally interested in, or relevant to my own liking. I don’t care about how many followers I have (whether here or  Instagram) I don’t care about page ranks, or how many viewers I  get in  a day. These things would only cause pressure and blogging should not be that way. Scroll down and click on my archives and you’d see how this blog is just a plain ordinary blog that serves as an online diary for me. The thing is, the Internet is full of crap and we really have to be careful with what we post because not all people can fathom what we say. It’s like with email, you really have to have an etiquette,  that’s why there are emoticons to help us show what we really feel when we write. The person we talk to can’t see our faces (webcams are just a plus). 


Tumblr photo

I Ijoined a few blogger groups so I can share my posts, join in some random events, and meet new people. I wanna crawl out of my shell that way. I just can’t take on some blogger bashing, it just makes me feel scared because I tend to be in these types of situations and I don’t want negativity in my surroundings. It defies the purpose of the things I learned in my meditation studies. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the one on the hot seat. But reading the bashing part on a daily basis? We need a good read and a good laugh on the Internet. I’m kind of thinking now if this only happens in our country, or if there are even worse cases from other countries out there. But one thing I noticed though, is that all blogs here in the Philippines are becoming a talking commercial. Get what I mean? It’s like every scroll of the mouse or every swipe of your finger you see ads, PR, and some more ads. Can we try to spill the juice from our brains and really write REAL stuff? the one that came from our own brilliant minds and not just a copy paste material? I understand that press releases are part of “the work” or deal we get from companies when we receive something from them. It’s like advertise us and you get to have this, you get to attend that. Maybe we can write something more interesting other than advertorials. 

Anyway, this is just a short one. I just feel like voicing out my thoughts. Let’s just enjoy our Monday and hope we could all be happy and gay!!!!


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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