Attain a healthy mind through meditation

As the years go by and we mature, our mind continues to grow and change as well,  whether it’s to a positive or negative state. Most of us have cluttered minds because we tend to pile up all the unnecessary thoughts that we insist on storing in our brains. Our mind lose it’s capacity to retain and think clearly—which is associated with aging. That happens coz certain parts of our brain shrink, resulting to having disorganized thoughts, being forgetful, being impulsive, and most of the time, not thinking rationally.


My meditation teacher often tells me that having a healthy mind requires discipline and focus. It involves a change to a healthy lifestyle. When we say healthy in a yogi perspective, it means a mind that is always at peace, a mind that can tolerate difficult situations, a mind that is smart to make decisions, and a mind that is fully happy and content.

the thing with us people is that we think too deep and we analyze too much, making certain situations more complicated. Also there’s the EGO that keeps on hindering us from being at peace with ourselves. EGO is our worst enemy. We all battle with it.

When we are not at peace, it’s more likely we attract negative thoughts and can cause a lot of destruction in our pattern of thinking.

Whenever I am at the peak of losing faith in myself, or whenever I feel like going into the pit of depression, I just breathe deeply and close my eyes. I try to avoid the people I could possibly hurt, whether verbally or physically, and tell them to leave me alone first because I have to deal with myself for a few minutes. And then after which, I relax my body and mind, settle myself into physical stillness, and meditate. Clearing of the mind can help deal with problems. After a few minutes of meditation, I can easily face the problem or situation with a clear picture of what really happened, and of how to solve it. Trust me, it really works.

So for me, the easiest way on achieving a healthy mind (aside from taking vitamin B) is meditation.

Meditation is not complicated. It is not hard to practice. Actually, we have been doing informal meditation without knowing it. It’s like when we sometimes space out and think of random thoughts. Or when we are eating, we usually concentrate on the food and savoring the taste. We focus solely on how delicious the food is. When we are at the beach, we sometimes close our eyes and just feel the breeze and breathe and smile, basking in the warm sunlight and just relaxing. That, my dear, is also a form of informal meditation.

Now some people would say “I don’t have time for that. I’m too busy with work and my kids. I don’t even have time to fix myself anymore.” or ” I don’t have to meditate because my life is doing good. I don’t have problems and I’m not stressed.” or the worst responses I get from other people are “I’m not weird. I don’t wanna chant OM and close my eyes and look stupid!” and the funniest I got is “Do you float when you meditate? ” and then the person would laugh really loud.

Sadly, it just shows how not enough people knows about what meditation is all about. What benefit it gives, and the purpose of it.

In simpler terms, meditating is the act or process of spending time in quiet thought. That’s it. You don’t have to dig deeper and think about absurd thoughts. When you practice it regularly, your mind become more powerful, you gain more insights, you think more clearly, and you can become more intelligent! Just to share with you, I suck in writing before (not that I’m perfect and don’t commit mistakes now) but my writing and my vocabulary has improved. Also, I have an anger management problem, like the type of anger wherein I would yell at you and would hit or slap you in the face If I get blown out of proportion like that. I curse a lot too and I love manipulating people just to get what I want. But since I started studying meditation and took up the positive thinking course, my attitude became more tolerable now.

So, let me share you just the basic steps on how to meditate, regardless of your busy schedule.

From Yoga Journal:


Stand more firmly on your feet, or sit and settle into your buttocks and hips. Breathe deeply.


Soften your facial muscles (forehead, eyes, mouth,lips, tongue) Breathe deeply.


Free your hands and rest them on your sides or place them quietly on your lap. Breathe deeply.


Focus with your breathing. Notice how you fade to the present with yourself, slowing down and observing. You are now engaging in the first steps of meditation. As you deepen your practice, you can easily clear the clutter in your mind and enjoy the benefit it gives.


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