Stephen King: Bag of Bones

I will carry my love for this author til I die. the die-hard fan in me is hungry for more of his novels. The book seriously caused me to be jumpy and nervous. This is my perfect “fright” indulgence. Just like what I did with my Green Mile and Desperation novel obsession, I downloaded the TV mini series of Bag of Bones from torrent, settled myself in a comfortable chair, and glued my eyes on the PC—with my kids also watching with hands covering their faces.

Just to caution you regarding the book, I can say it’s a slow moving story and I also had the tendency to forget some of the little pieces of what happened to Sara Tidwell. There’s an instance wherein the book circulates on Mike Noonan’s dreams, which I find unrealistic and doubtful whether he’s perhaps just hallucinating everything because of his wife’s death, or the ghosts of Sarah Laughs is really  trying to reach out to him through his nightmares.

Let me tell you a bit of the plot but I’m definitely not giving the story away so you could still enjoy reading the book and finding out for yourself.  I also suggest to download the mini series. It’s guaranteed frightening!

Mike Noonan is this bestselling novelist who suffers a writer’s block after his pregnant wife died in an accident. Even after 4 years of his wife’s death, he’s still grieving, suffering a series of nightmares about their summer house in Sarah Laughs. He took  these nightmares as a sign from his wife that he should stay at Sarah Laughs and find out what his wife’s message is telling him. So then he decides to face his fears and went to settle and move in at TR 90.

He met 3 yr old Kyra and her gorgeous widowed mom  Mattie Devore, totally young for Mike Noonan I should say. Mike Noonan suddenly became friends with them. But Matties’ father-in-law Max Devore,  aims to gain custody of Kyra—which turns out to be a plot to kill the child to break the curse of Sara Tidwell. You ask who she is? ok, she’s the blues singer who got raped and killed by Max Devore and his cronies back in the olden days (I forgot the year)  including Sara’s daughter, who they drowned in the lake. So Sara is out for revenge to all the descendants of Max and the cronies  who raped her. And so, that’s where the hauntings begin.

More of the story when you read the book of course.


i’m currently reading Salem’s Lot now and downloaded  the movie too. I loved it because it’s an old movie from the 1970’s, though it’s obviously a low budgeted film coz what would you expect back then? The Master vampire really looks funny instead of scary, and the floating figures of those who got turned into vampires looks somewhat disturbing,  but if you’re going to think of how they made the floating scene, it looked really fake and obviously lacking the use of high technology. I just love how vintage the movie was.

Hitting the sack now.


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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