Back with the Asanas

Been a while since I did the Moon and Sun Salutations here at home. My consistent practice involves basic Hatha Yoga every morning, along with my Raja Yoga meditation. Have I told you I gave up being a vegetarian for the meantime? Because my doctor said that I have a protein deficiency and I need all the nutrition I can get from meat, aside from veggies. My intake of vegetables aren’t enough to sustain my health. 


I decided to  read my Yoga Journals to refresh my mind on how to do the Moon and Sun Salutations once more. These magazines have been collecting dust for such a long time that I have to retrieve them from the pile of magazines stored in our room upstairs. I miss doing the featured postures and I also miss reading the articles. 

My bones are aching lately and I don’t know what’s causing it. It may have been due to this chair I’m sitting on, or maybe I’m really getting old. I think I also need more calcium as well and give my bones all the tender loving it needs. This really calls for an extreme workout session through yoga, or maybe I should consider enrolling in a Krav Maga class? or perhaps Planaforma? 

You may be wondering what Moon and Sun Salutations are. Here’s a quick description of what we usually do when we perform the Moon and Sun Salutations.

Moon Salutations:


Photo credit 

Moon Salutations are like Yin. It’s a meditative and very cooling practice. We do this during the evening, when you have breathed all the stress of the day. This is perfect for relaxation of the body and mind. 

Sun Salutations:

This is often done during the mornings when you start your day. This is to help awaken our body and senses. The physical poses builds us more stamina, energy and breathing techniques. It symbolizes an offering to the Sun and embracing all the energy it gives , showering our body with all it’s strengths so we can face the day with purpose and a bright positive mindset. 


Photo credit 

I will definitely start these Asanas starting next month. I can feel different aches in my body already and this could be a sign that I have to pay attention to my health more.


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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