Nail Cocktales Hand and Foot Spa at Blue Baywalk

I was very excited to review this spa that I even canceled one event just to experience this one.  I am not vain when it comes to my nails. I only visit the nail salon like every two months or so. Call me lazy…but there’s always an exception to the rule. I was really intrigued with this spa because of the name,  I mean, nails and cocktails? that’s truly posh and fab right there.





imported colorful nail polish 


They have Orly, Chanel, Zoya and some other imported nail polish that you can choose for your nails. 

 I was told to go there at around 1 pm and I was the only blogger scheduled that day. There’s only 2 customers being waited that time and they only have 1 nail technician available so I had to wait for the other one to arrive.  I waited 2 hours and I’m getting sleepy plus my annoying migraine kicked in giving me such a hard time to enjoy my day.  I didn’t mean that the way it sounded, but time is really valuable for me.  The people there were nice enough to offer iced tea while waiting.  Anyways, good thing the other nail technician arrived. so she started working on my feet and hands. I chose the Yummilicious package which consists of mani, pedi and foot spa with your choice of yummilicious scent. I made small talk while she’s pampering my feet. She apologized for being late and told me she just came from the wake of her grandma. I appreciate how she felt bad about it though she didn’t really have to do that so apology accepted.


Took a selfie while waiting out of boredom. Lol.





As I’ve told you, I’m not a nail person. I am not shameful to admit my nails are all  half-bitten since I have this habit of biting my nails whenever I’m  nervous, or whenever I’m just bored. Mind you, this is just for my hands. I have to clarify because biting my nails on my feet, that’s damn barbaric and pretty disgusting.

So, this girl named Geraldine started working on my peds,  slathering on some foot scrub with the yummy scent and wrapping it with the use of a cling wrap. While we wait for my feet to get moisturized, she started in on my hands and clipped some of the uneven nails. I am so unglamorous really.

After an hour of nipping, clipping and painting, here’s the results.



crows feet



Orly in pink butterflies



I always crack my knuckles. See the result? Big boned fingers.

I actually talked to one of the owners of Nail Cocktales and had a little interview with him. The spa has 5 branches, and the poshest among all branches are the one in Blue Baywalk.  It’s the new Mall in between Blue Wave and Toyota Manila Bay. You wouldn’t miss it. If you see the Project Pie and Food Club, it’s right inside that area and they are at the second floor.

This is the perfect place for a sparty with your friends, or a bridal shower as well. I checked their prices and it’s very reasonable. Shelling only 5000 for a sparty is not bad. Imagine relaxing and chatting with your friends while you’re being pampered and drinking one of their in-house cocktails. Very glam and sosyal.  For the regular mani and pedi plus foot spa, it starts around 600 to 950, depending on the package you want. They also offer nail services for men and kids.


The area for a spa party


Comfortable velvet chairs

Nail Cocktales

“A safe haven committed to provide the best organic and vegan nail care. Our philosophy is to nurture a deep understanding and passion for wellness by bringing beauty with a conscience.

We inspire people’s lifestyle by using nail polishes free from formaldehyde such as Orly, Zoya, Essie, Misa and Cuccio…. and YES!!! CHANEL.. By doing so it has enabled us to create a concept with a unique experience for the senses which delights one’s body, mind and spirit.

Whatever the choice is, from dashing, posh and colored nails to pampered hands and feet combined with ancient and contemporary techniques, each individual will superbly be in our safe hands.

Retreat yourself with friends and family! Let us take you away from the stresses of everyday with our signature nail spa treatments and start or end your day with treats of refreshing glass of cold or hot tea.”

For more information about Nail Cocktales, visit

Nail Cocktalles Blue Baywalk on Facebook.

Like them on Instagram


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