Little complaints that turn into shameless selfies

Ok. I have been typing away and struggling to keep my eyes open for almost 12 hours. I am  not kidding. I’ve got about 7 articles to be published and submit to the powers-that-be. These big shots are pretty strict when it comes to writing. One wrong spelling or grammar can make or break you. Editors can give it a run through and perhaps coach you a little and provide constructive criticisms. But our editors can only do so much. Imagine  they have to read all articles being submitted, proofread twice (even though you have proofread them already) and make sure that no errors are committed. The usage of past, present and future tense can be  embarrassing if you got coached because of it. That’s why when I blog here, it’s like home sweet home. You can say whatever you want to say. No one’s gonna say “Hey, can you revise your article because it sounded way off and you tend to play with words a lot. Can you maybe remove some of those and make it minimal? It’s redundancy dear.”Uhm, Ok. It’s just that words are my best friend. I love to play with them.

It is a very challenging job but nevertheless fulfilling. I love how my brain is well stimulated by the endless thinking of sentence construction and exploring never ending ideas. You can just imagine those famous authors how they spend almost half of their lives cooped up somewhere in a remote town or island , coming up a brilliant story in exchange for million dollars worth of  copies as soon as it’s published.

Guess I don’t have the right to complain.




Resting my eyes for a few minutes

 Stress sometimes can be good. It means you are doing something,  not just bumming around doing nothing. I’ve got a lot of ways to cope with stress.  There’s shopping, reading novels,  blogging random things,  and…shameless selfies.


It’s these shallow things that keeps us sane. With all the problems we deal with everyday, especially if you’re a mommy with two kids, life can be hard and the world sometimes can be a difficult place to live in.  We do these silly things just to entertain ourselves. I thank the social media because without it, there are a lot of people guaranteed to get crazy out of boredom.

Anyways, I only have 2 more articles so this post is sort of a mini break.

Gotta get back to work.


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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